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May 5, 2014

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I like frozen yogurt and I’m sure most of us have tried the Menchies chain of frozen yogurt. Question is though: have you tried their lip balm?

I know, that sounds like an odd question. I mean, did you know Menchies made lip balm? Well, one day while I was paying for my little cup of frozen yogurt I noticed the display of lip balms and decided to pick one up to test.

Why? Well, the price was decent and surprisingly enough, the ingredients weren’t bad. So, I figured I’d pick one up and see how well it worked.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Product Review: what ingredients are in Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm?

Here’s the Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm that I picked up at my local Menchies. Now, there have a number of different flavours but I decided on the orange one because I figured that was the one my big kid would most likely enjoy.

Here are the ingredients that went into the Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm: soybean oil, beeswax, grape seed, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, FD & C colors & flavour, vitamin E, stevia, rosemary extract.

My thoughts on this ingredient list for the Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm? Well, it’s not bad. The use of beeswax, grapeseed, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil are all major bonuses.

BUT! What is up with the FD & colors and flavors? Are they really necessary? I mean, really. Come on. You were on a roll and then boom, this is what you throw at me?

Tsk tsk.

Now, there are plenty of other big brand lip balms or chapsticks that are made with a ton of other crap that is not present in this Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm. So, in that sense, the Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm wins by a landslide on that home front. I also like the use of vitamin E and the rosemary extract but the stevia is perhaps a little unnecessary although it’s certainly better than using any other funky fake sugar stuff.

Product Review: How well does the Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm work?

At the time of this post for, my daughter and I have used the Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm for a few days and so far so good.

The good news: my daughter likes the smell of the Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm and so do I. It doesn’t smell artificial despite the fact that you can obviously see that the word ‘orange’ never appears on the ingredient list.


The Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm is on the softer side and glides on easily. It coats easily enough and despite the flavoring, my big kid hasn’t been licking her lips to eat it which I did worry about. I mean, adding the stevia might possibly make the lip balm a tad sweet and may entice little ones to use it, right? But, she didn’t so that was a good thing. Both of us have used it and our lips have stayed moisturized so the Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm does seem to be doing its job.

Although the ingredient list mentions the use of color, you can see the Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm is a pretty plain canvas so I certainly can’t detect any coloring used. I’m wondering if the coloring may have been used on some of the other lip balm flavours and that maybe the ingredient list is a generic one for all of them.

Who knows.


The bad news: I still don’t like the idea of having “FD & C colors & flavour” in my lip balm. I mean, what IS that? Sure, the list of ingredients used in the Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm is pretty decent compared to some other brands but I’m also quite aware of other lip balms that are more natural (thank you Badger!).

If I were out and about and needed a quick lip balm fix, I’d certainly reach for the Menchies Orange U Glad lip balm before I reached for the regular drugstore brand. BUT, ultimately, if I could get my hands on a better more natural lip balm, I would.

Someone pass me the Badger Lime Rocket Cocoa Butter lip balm!

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If you want to visit the Menchie’s website, you can by clicking here. Just know that I couldn’t find any mention of the lip balms on their site.  (hello Menchie’s you may want to fix that!)


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