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May 12, 2015 - marvis toothpaste

Amidst the sea of ragged facial tissues, guess what showed up at our doorstep?

Marvis toothpaste from

Never heard of Marvis toothpaste? Well, neither did I until I was contacted by the lovely folks at I did a little internet digging and it turns out that Marvis toothpaste is based in Italy and made using a traditional processing method with an end result that’s smooth and rich. Marvis toothpaste comes in different flavours which may not seem like much since other brands have that too but it sounds as though Marvis may be in a league of its own.

I chose 2 different flavours to try: Aquatic Mint and Ginger Mint. I’ve only gotten so far as to look at the packaging and I’m intrigued. It certainly doesn’t look like your average drug store brand. I plan to take a closer look and actually try out the Marvis toothpaste when I’m feeling a little better and my taste buds are back to their usual functioning selves. For now, I’m going to just stare and admire the elegant and cool packaging.

Big thanks to for sending these Marvis toothpastes my way. I can’t wait to try them!

Now, if you’d like to do a little research yourselves, here are 2 sites you can visit:


2. the Marvis Mint website (p.s. I can guarantee you’ve never seen toothpaste advertising like this before).

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