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Dec 2, 2014 - nexcare skin crack careCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Cold weather hits and despite my best efforts, I can feel the skin on my hands cracking. All that hand washing adds up even when I moisturize and drink a lot of water.

Then it hits. Yep, that one split in my skin that hurts super duper a lot (all grammar thrown out the window). Sometimes, it’s right between my finger and finger nail. Sometimes, it’s right along a knuckle where all the bending happens. A bandage doesn’t stay, it’s doesn’t help, and it just plain old hurts.

That’s where Nexcare Skin Crack Care comes in handy.

Product Review: What ingredients are in Nexcare Skin Crack Care? - nexcare skin crack careHere are the list of ingredients that go into making the Nexcare Skin Crack Care: isooctane, silicone acrylate polymer, tea tree oil, mixed tocopherols (vitamin E), propylene glycol monolaurate, benzoic acid, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (oil soluble vitamin C).

I have no idea what most of that means but I’m okay with that list because I’m not eating Nexcare Skin Crack Care. To me, it’s like a liquid bandage for those hard-to-protect areas. If I had a choice between having an open cut that hurts and becomes an entry point for germs or having some chemically stuff on the wound, I’d use Nexcare Skin Crack Care for that added level of protection without a second thought. It should come as no surprise that Nexcare Skin Crack Care is extremely flammable until it’s dry which means you’ll want to keep the little bottle in a safe location at all times.

Product Test: Does Nexcare Skin Crack Care work? - nexcare skin crack careHere are some photos of my sore digits with Nexcare Skin Crack Care applied to the affected areas. At the time of this post, I’ve used the Nexcare Skin Crack Care more than a dozen times and each time, it’s provided the protection I’ve needed.

The Nexcare Skin Crack Care resembles nail polish in texture and smell. When you first apply it on to your skin, it smells a lot like nail polish and it’s quite sticky like nail polish. Once it’s applied to the affected area, it takes a few seconds and dries easily enough. You can see by the photos that the skin gets a little shiny (again, like nail polish) but the finger is fully functional. You can still bend your finger and do everything you need without having it feel as sore as if it was left uncovered or under a soggy wet bandage. - nexcare skin crack careA bandage only works for a short period of time before the next hand washing deems it useless. The best part about Nexcare Skin Crack Care is that it stays on even after I’ve washed my hands so while the cut and rip may still hurt, it doesn’t hurt as much as it otherwise would.

One day, I had these awful tears on the tip of my finger and a bandage really wasn’t a functional option. The Nexcare Skin Crack Care worked its magic after I applied it to my finger tip. It kept my finger tip under cover for the rest of the day.

Now, the Nexcare Skin Crack Care doesn’t stay on forever. It does come off by the end of the day depending on how much work your hands have done.


Would I recommend Nexcare Skin Crack Care? Absolutely. I happen to love the Nexcare brand. They make fantastic bandages and so for me, the Nexcare Skin Crack Care is just another complement to my bandage repertoire for those moments when even the best bandage can’t do what you need it to do.

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