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Jan 3, 2014

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Back in September 2012, I did a review about reading labels and specifically mentioned the Ivory soap bars that are marketed as pure and simple (99.44% pure clean and simple so they say).

Yeeeeeah, and I’m a 3 star Michelin restaurant owner.

Enough said.

Anyhoo…during a recent grocery shopping trip at my local health food store, I spot Val’s Veggie Bar on sale for $2.49. Val’s Veggie Bar sounds like a healthy granola bar but it’s not. It’s soap, chunky bars of soap and I’m not talking $2.49 for 1 Val’s Veggie Bar. I’m talking 1 pack of Val’s Veggie Bar with 3 individual bars each 105 grams. Terrible English, I know but you get the idea. Quite frankly, I’m too excited about this to even form decent sentences.

I had to do a double take. I hadn’t even picked up Val’s Veggie Bar from the shelf to read the label yet but a quick calculation told me each bar was only about 80 cents. At that price point, Val’s Veggie Bar was comparable if not cheaper than most big store brands with a gazillion chemical ingredients that I could never pronounce.

I’m having an ‘OMG, this is a really good deal’ excited moment in the store (silent squeal because loud squeals really aren’t a typical supermarket occurrence).

I picked up Val’s Veggie Bar and read the label. Can you guess what Val’s Veggie Bar is made with?


Product Review: What ingredients are in Val’s Veggie Bar?

Take a good long look at the ingredients I’m going to list for Val’s Veggie Bar. At the time of this product review, I decided to buy 2 types of Val’s Veggie Bar: honey and fragrance free. Val’s Veggie Bar comes in other scents too.

Val’s Veggie Bar with honey scent is made with the following ingredients: saponified olive oil, water, sodium chloride (sea salt), natural fragrance.

If you opt for Val’s fragrance free Veggie Bar, you get these ingredients: saponified olive oil, water, sodium chloride (sea salt).


Do I really need to go any further with this product review?

This is the beauty of Val’s Veggie Bar: it’s made simply and naturally with no strings attached. Val’s Veggie Bar is soap without any of that funny business, no weird chemicals, no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulfate, none of THAT stuff.

Makes your brain think doesn’t it. If Val’s Veggie Bar can be made this simply, why don’t other companies do it?

Product Review: Val’s Veggie Bar – does it work?

At the time of this post, I’ve been using Val’s Veggie Bar for a good week and all I can say is ‘awesome’. Val’s Veggie Bar is basic, simple, and does everything a bar of soap should. Val’s Veggie Bar doesn’t dry out my skin and it lathers well enough. Sure, it doesn’t bubble like a bubble machine but then again, I don’t need it to(who needs sodium lauryl sulfate, really?!). I feel clean and my skin feels happy.

Since using Val’s Veggie Bar my skin has not complained one bit and there’s no reason for it to make a fuss. After all, there’s nothing harsh or funky about Val’s Veggie Bar. I mean, Val’s Veggie Bar is a bar of soap made with olive oil, salt, and water. Could it get any more basic?

I don’t know how well known Val’s Veggie Bar is. This is certainly the first time I’ve ever seen Val’s Veggie Bar at my local health food store. I personally think I scored a seriously good deal on Val’s Veggie Bar. To get a pack of 3 bars for $2.49 is nothing short of a miracle especially when you factor in that each bar is a good 105 grams.

Why do I bother pointing out the 105 grams? Next time you’re in the soap aisle, take a good long look at how big your big name brand soap bars are. Last time I checked the bars of soap in the 3 pack of Irish Spring were definitely NOT 105 grams each and it also wasn’t at $2.49.

Would I pay the full price for Val’s Veggie Bar? If they weren’t on sale, my local health food store would have been selling Val’s Veggie Bar for $5 for a pack of 3 bars which would make them about $1.68 each. That’s still a lot cheaper than single bars of handmade soaps made with comparable ingredients. Thus, ‘good for you with better ingredients’ doesn’t always come with higher price tags.

Aside from the price point, Val’s Veggie Bar has one big selling feature – good solid simple ingredients. Whether you pick up the honey scent or the fragrance free version, you don’t get any funny ingredients, no dyes, no messy chemicals. Val’s Veggie Bar isn’t tested on animals and there are no animal ingredients in them.

If you can get your hands on Val’s Veggie Bar, please do so. When you consider how much chemical junk our bodies are exposed to, adding it to your family’s health regime is a really good idea and won’t break the bank especially if you can get it on sale!


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p.s. if you want to read my earlier review about reading labels and Ivory soap, click here

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