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Aug 28, 2015 - big bad detective agency book

During a recent trip to the bookstore, my big kid picked up this book by Bruce Hale titled, Big Bad Detective Agency. It is an incredibly witty and cheeky, featuring classic fairy tale characters that are nothing like the ones I grew up with.

In this book, you learn of a kingdom called Fairylandia and no, it’s really not like any other place you’ve heard of before.

Children’s Book Review: Big Bad Detective Agency - big bad detective agency book

Meet Wolfgang, also known as the ‘Big Bad Wolf’. Notice how he doesn’t look very menacing in this pic. Well, that’s because he’s in trouble! He’s been accused of destroying the home of…wait for it…the Three Little Pigs. - big bad detective agency book

Before we go any further, meet the Three Little Pigs. - big bad detective agency book

Not quite as you imagined, I suppose?

Well me neither. You get the idea.

Poor Wolfgang is now faced with a seemingly daunting task: find the real culprit responsible for trashing the home of the Three Little Pigs or face a lifetime sitting in a dungeon.

My child was enthralled, perplexed, and engaged with this book. Big Bad Detective Agency is a mystery book with many laughable moments. As we read this book together, we’d try to figure out who could have possibly trashed the pigs’ home. Along the way, we meet Hansel and Gretel, Ursula, Cinderella, Goldilocks, Snow White, and I’m only naming a few of them! Some have alibis, some seem incredibly suspicious while others are just completely outrageous and of course, each fairy tale character is nothing like their original persona.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at Hansel and Gretel trying to block Wolfgang from getting past the door. - big bad detective agency book

In case you’re wondering, everything does make sense at the end but Wolfgang doesn’t do it alone. The one character willing to help him through it all happens to be… a Pig! In fact, it’s not any old pig but Ferkel. Who’s he? Oh, didn’t you know? Ferkel is the fourth pig of The Three Little Pigs!



I won’t go into full details about this book because it would likely sound too confusing! Big Bad Detective Agency is the type of book that any schoolager is likely to find hilarious and intriguing as they point out all the discrepancies and references to familiar characters. By the end of the story we learn who the real culprit is and we also learn how the name ‘Big Bad Detective Agency’ comes to be. - big bad detective agency book

I probably haven’t done justice to this book, Big Bad Detective Agency. It is just so wacky and unique that my words can’t do it justice. To really appreciate this book, you’ll have to read it with a schoolager in tow to explain it to you.

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