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Jun 3, 2016 - lafes crystal deodorant stone

You know summer is just around the corner and with that comes sweat. Sure, we sweat during all the other seasons too but you know and I know people seem to sweat a whole lot more during those hot summer days.

Not everyone is a big fan of antiperspirant and heavily scented deodorants can be overwhelming. At the same time, so is body odour.

A possible alternative? What about a mineral salt stick like Lafe’s crystal deodorant stone? Now, I’m not saying you should buy Lafe’s crystal deodorant stone or that it’s the only brand that carries mineral salt sticks but it is something to think about. I mean, as a consumer, information is valuable.

Visit the Lafe’s website crystal deodorant stone and you’ll learn it’s made with potassium alum (natural mineral salts) and that’s it. No other funny ingredients, just natural mineral salts. - lafes crystal deodorant stone

The site also notes that Lafe’s crystal deodorant stone provides 24-hour deodorant protection by eliminating odor-causing bacteria. It doesn’t stain, there’s no scent, it’s hypoallergenic and it also doesn’t contain aluminum chlorhydrate. There are no parabens or propylene glycol and best of all, it isn’t tested on animals. - lafes crystal deodorant stone

Using a mineral salt stick is simple enough. All you have to do is wet the stone and apply it where you need it (i.e. namely the usual sweaty suspects). - lafes crystal deodorant stone

I’ve used mineral salt sticks before including this one by Lafe’s and generally speaking, I’m quite happy with them. I don’t smell like a bowl of flowers or overripe fruit and I definitely don’t smell like B.O. Yes, I do get sweaty but that’s natural. I don’t mind the sweat as much as I mind the smell. So, on extra hot sweaty days, I’m just a little more mindful of what of I wear.


I like knowing that I have choices. As a consumer, I don’t like being boxed in by big name brands that expect me to buy simply because I’m bombarded by advertisements. Sure, I buy some big name stuff but I’m mindful of where I spend my hard earned dollar. Having products like Lafe’s crystal deodorant stone means consumers have more options about what they can do for those sweaty moments.

Now, some of you might think the mineral salt stick must cost a lot more than the big name antiperspirant. Well, prices vary but I paid less than $4 for this chunk of Lafe’s crystal deodorant stone and I’ve been using it for months now. One chunk goes a very long way so in my books, that’s money well spent.

Reminder: this post was written by and for only and reflects the opinion of one wee small family. If you see this post anywhere else except on my site at, know that I have not consented to having any part of this post (or this website for that matter), to be re-produced, copied, or re-printed anywhere else. Practice ethical posting! - lafes crystal deodorant stone

For more details, visit their website by clicking here

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