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Mar 10, 2015 - mother goose unplucked bookFunny humorous books with a quirky side are very popular in our home right now. Big Nate, Diary of a Wimpy Kid (not so much now), Geronimo Stilton, Roald Dahl, are just some of the books that litter our home.

See this Mother Goose Unplucked book? It is one book of many we own that are written by Helaine Becker. This Mother Goose Unplucked book has everything my kid craves in a funny book. It’s full of ridiculous comics, activities, odd facts, recipes, riddles, brainteasers and the best part is, they’re all inspired by familiar nursery rhymes.

At the time of this post, this Mother Goose Unplucked book has completely fallen apart. The binding isn’t the best but my big kid has also rummaged through this book about a million times so it was bound to happen sooner or later. In our home, we call this a ‘loved’ book. - mother goose unplucked book

My kid loves all the jokes in this Mother Goose Unplucked book. At her age (she’s 9 now), she finds the ‘play on words’ particularly intriguing. - mother goose unplucked book

What’s her favourite part of the book? The tongue twisters. These aren’t your average tongue twisters. - mother goose unplucked book

It’s not just about the woodchuck who could chuck wood. These are novel and inspired by nursery rhymes and aren’t easy to say! - mother goose unplucked book

When she first got this book, she’d try out the tongue twisters and then insisted both the hubby and I try our best to master them. Yep, these are tongue twisters alright! - mother goose unplucked book

In case you’re wondering, the Mother Goose Unplucked book isn’t very big. There are 160 compact pages stuffed full with laughter. It’s just a little bigger in size than a CD case and is about 2 CD cases in thickness. This book may be small but it’s incredibly mighty.

If you’ve got a schoolager that loves to read, this Mother Goose Unplucked book would certainly fit the bill. The best part is, Helaine Becker has a number of other books to choose from!

This post is dedicated to authors like Helaine Becker who are able to add hilarity to a child’s life in a way that’s age appropriate and fun. The content was lively and fun and very appropriate for the school age group. Helaine, if you’re reading this review, keep those books coming. We need more!

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