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Jun 14, 2015 - chia seeds

I first started talking about chia seeds back in January 2015. It came to me to write this update post when I realized that half the year had gone by and I’m still eating those same chia seeds! I purchased 2 containers of chia seeds for a great price and it’s been happy chia eating ever since. Advised by the nutritionist who worked at the health food store, I started slowly and gradually worked my way up to the recommended 1 tablespoon daily serving.

Well, fast forward to June 2015 and I’m still eating chia seeds and I love them! At the time of this post, I eat the recommended 1 tablespoon serving in coconut almond milk. I leave the mixture in the fridge overnight and I’m left with a decadent tapioca like pudding to enjoy the next day. I eat half in the morning with my breakfast and the other half in the evening after my dinner. That way, I feel like I’m having a special treat twice a day!

My big kid will also occasionally eat chia seeds sprinkled on top of her fruit, cereal, or oatmeal. I’ve even gotten my dad to eat chia seeds sprinkled on his oatmeal! pic - kids 2015Lesson learned: trying something new isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’m really glad I picked up those two containers of chia seeds. Honestly, if it weren’t for the sale price I probably would have never bothered to try them. Boy, am I glad I did!

Note to self: do a few more update posts. Must not let those slip or it’ll be New Year’s Eve and I’ll have messed up my end of the posting bargain!

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