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Jun 9, 2015 - general mills original bugles

Once upon a time, I was a kid and when I was a kid I remember eating Bugles. Yes, I do. They were crunchy, they were salty, and they were yummy.

Did I mention I was a kid back then?

Well, when I was a kid I know I never read ingredient labels and I know I never read the nutrition facts. Thank goodness I’ve learned to do both as an adult and my child does it too.

So…on one random occasion a pal and I were at a store and we come across this bag of Original Bugles. I hadn’t seen Bugles in AGES. I couldn’t help myself and picked it up for a gander. Naturally, I flipped the bag over to read the ingredient list and nutrition facts.


Product Review: what ingredients are the Orignal Bugles made with?

The Original Bugles are made with the following ingredients: degermed yellow corn meal, coconut oil (contains BHT, citric acid), sugar, salt, baking soda. - general mills original bugles

*Jaw hits floor*
*Jaw hits floor again*

Uh…I may be wrong but I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen BHT added to coconut oil in a product. Many products are now adding BHT to the packaging to preserve freshness so it shocks me to see it added directly into an ingredient. What doubly shocks me is that it’s been added to the coconut oil. Sure, I get that the company is probably adding the BHT to the coconut oil to preserve its freshness but I then have to ask: how long do you plan to keep the coconut oil around for that you feel BHT is necessary?


Product Test: how do Original Bugles taste?

I’m going to guess the Original Bugles taste similar to how they tasted when I was a kid because I certainly didn’t take them home with me. Not only did the ingredient list throw me off but the nutrition facts did as well.

Take a good look at the nutrition facts for the Original Bugles: - general mills original bugles

What do you see? What do you notice?

I think this is where my eyeballs fell on the floor and I had to put them back in to my eye sockets. In one 85 gram bag of Original Bugles, not only do you get 39% of your daily intake of fat but you get 108% of your daily intake of saturated fats.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a number that went above 100% and it’s not even for a good thing like vitamin C! I stood there staring at that 108%. I eventually see the 38% daily intake of sodium but I honestly think my brain stopped working after it saw the 108% number.



If these Original Bugles are still made the same way as they were in my childhood then I think it’s time for the recipe to be switched. There is absolutely no justification I can see for consuming 108% of your daily intake of saturated fats in one 85 g bag of Original Bugles.

Now, this is just my personal opinion but I think the folks at Betty Crocker really need to re-think these Original Bugles. You can’t tell me the Original Bugles has great quality when it’s got BHT in it. Is it convenient? I have no idea but something is seriously wrong here. - general mills original bugles

Folks who love Original Bugles will probably just tell me to ‘eat in moderation’ which believe me, I completely understand. If this was a smaller bag with a smaller portion size, the numbers wouldn’t be so high but they’d still be up there. The 108% only highlights what can’t be hidden. Snacks are snacks but I guess for me, there are just so many options out there that I’ll opt for a product that isn’t so heavily laden with things that scare me.

Suddenly, potato chips don’t seem so bad (and I’m not even craving potato chips)!

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