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Nov 28, 2013

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I make a point of keeping my kid involved when we go grocery shopping. It didn’t just start yesterday. My big kid has been part of the whole food shopping experience since she was a wee one and has always helped me to read the labels too. She knows about BHT and triclosan and acrylamide and nitrates and the list goes on. She also understands that there are some foods that I just won’t bring in to the home because there are other better choices available to us.

With any luck, my kid will grow up to be an informed consumer so she can make wise choices for herself when she gets older. The best part is, it already seems to be paying off.

Case in point: the other day, we were at the grocery store and she asks if we could look at different cereals and compare their ingredient lists (her idea I swear, not mine). Of course I agreed. Eventually, we get to this box of Post Sugar Crisp. She reads off the list and I point out that the first ingredient is sugar but then she also notices the hydrogenated soybean and/or sunflower oil. There’s glucose syrup, colour and some other stuff in it. As I did with the other less-than-stellar cereals, I asked her if she’d be willing to eat the Post Sugar Crisp cereal given that other options are available.

Next came the brain blast. You see, on the grocery shelf there really wasn’t anything that I had paired as an exact comparison to the Post Sugar Crisp.

Check out what my big kid said next, “You know, this looks a lot like the crunchy Quinoas that I eat. I’d rather eat that than eat this.”

My jaw hit the floor. Why?

I couldn’t believe how accurate her comparison was. Take a good look. My kid was referring to the Quinoa Crunchies by Go Go Quinoa. She eats them as part of her snack repertoire. They look an awful lot like Post Sugar Crisp but their ingredient list is significantly better and they’re only made with 3 simple ingredients: organic rice flour, organic quinoa flour, and organic cane sugar. That is something Post Sugar Crisp can’t say. Best part is, the Quinoa Crunchies by Go Go Quinoa taste good too: slightly sweet, crunchy, and hey, it’s made with quinoa!

So, what have I learned from all this?

In this one short moment at the grocery store, I’m reminded of just how much my kid has picked up along the way. I also learned that options are available even if I don’t readily see them. If we as parents give children the chance to speak up, it’s amazing how much we can actually hear.

Thus, my title question: “why go Sugar Crisp when you can go Quinoa?”

In case you want to read my earlier review of the Quinoa Crunchies by Go Go Quinoa, click here.

p.s. in case you want to learn more about Post Sugar Crisp, visit their website here:

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