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Apr 4, 2014

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I’ve reviewed Enjoy Life products in the past. Their Plentils were crispy and delicious (a chip lovers dream) and I love their chocolate chips. I’ve also tried a number of their bars. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed any of their products. A while ago, I received some of the Enjoy Life soft baked bars to try. I never did get around to testing out the pack of Enjoy Life Cinnamon Bun soft baked bars so I decided to whip it out and see how they fared.

Big mistake, that bar should have just stayed in the box, in my cabinet.

Product Review: What ingredients are in the Enjoy Life Cinnamon Bun Soft Baked Bars

Take a look at the ingredients that went into the Enjoy Life Cinnamon Bun Soft Baked Bars: Tapioca syrup, date paste, palm oil, brown pure cane sugar, pre-cooked quinoa flakes, white rice flour, raisins*, dried apple, vegetable glycerin, puffed amaranth, rice crisps (rice flour, rice bran, raisin juice concentrate, honey, salt), white drizzle (evaporated cane juice, palm kernel oil, ricemilk, sunflower lecithin, vanilla, salt), infused dried orange peel, ground cinnamon, natural flavours, salt. *sulfite free

That’s quite a long list. The good news is all the ingredients listed aren’t too bad minus the palm oil and all the sweetness that shows up in the form of date paste, brown pure cane sugar, raisins, dried apple, and more evaporated cane juice. I’m not doing backflips with this ingredient list but it isn’t atrocious.

The taste however, left me speechless and not in a good way.

Taste Test: so how bad does the Enjoy Life Cinnamon Bun Soft Baked Bars taste?

Uh, it’s bad and not in a good way. You see, I think I had high hopes for these Enjoy Life Cinnamon Bun Soft Baked Bars. I mean, everything I’ve tasted from Enjoy Life so far has been pretty tasty so I was hoping these would be a homerun as well.


Open the package and the Enjoy Life Cinnamon Bun Soft Baked Bar looks decent but there was this off-putting smell like dried fruit, oil, and sugar that had been sitting in a bag for too long. It smelled overly sweet and not in a natural way.

Gosh, that first whiff was not pleasant and it didn’t get any better.

I mean, the Enjoy Life Cinnamon Bun Soft Baked Bar looked okay but man, taste was a whole different matter. I don’t even know if I can accurately describe how it tastes. When I think of a cinnamon bun, I think of a decadent bun with sugary cinnamon and a creamy drizzle on top.

Well, this Enjoy Life Cinnamon Bun Soft Baked Bar is the exact opposite. Yes, it’s got the drizzle but the bar itself tastes NOTHING like a cinnamon bun. It’s dense and has a very-funky-dried-fruit-mixed-with-some-crunchy-bits kind of taste. Gosh, it tastes odd. There was even this spicy bit of a kick which is so NOT a cinnamon bun thing.

Odd odd, odd.


I don’t know, I guess some people might like the flavour of the Enjoy Life Cinnamon Bun Soft Baked Bar but it’s not for me. I like many other Enjoy Life products but seriously, this is one odd mix that’s just not working for me. I think it’s the first time in a long time that I couldn’t go past the first bite.
To the wonderful folks at Enjoy Life, continue to do what you do because I love your company. Am I deterred by this one product? Nope. I’ve tried enough Enjoy Life products to know that quite a few are super yummy. Hey, we all have hits and misses.

On to tomorrow!

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