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May 12, 2017 pic - lizard

Do you ever wander around in the grocery aisles and come across products that leave you with a gigantic question mark floating over your head?

I have moments like those. That’s when I take a photo of the question mark and post it here on Allow me to introduce you to my most recent question mark. pic - corn in bag

Corn on the Cob, vacuumed sealed in a bag.

Question: why? I mean, fresh corn on the cob – I totally understand that. Frozen corn kernels – ditto. But, corn on the cob vacuumed sealed in a bag?  That I don’t understand.

The package tells me it’s ready to eat, that it’s vacuum packed the same day as it was harvested to preserve freshness, it’s non GMO and there’s no sugar added but I’m still confused. pic - corn in bag

Maybe it’s because I don’t understand how vacuum sealed corn could fit in my food repertoire. If I have the urge to eat corn, I’ll usually opt for locally grown, non GMO corn on the cob. If I’m lucky, it might even be organic. If corn on the cob isn’t seasonally available, I’ll grab a bag of frozen corn kernels (again, non GMO) and toss that into a meal or two. So, at what point would I use a vacuum sealed bag of corn?

No clue.

I can’t tell you how the corn tasted since I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. You see, the very idea of the corn sitting in that bag completely freaked me out. I mean, let’s think about it. pic - corn in bag

The corn, at one point, had a husk on it. The husk was then removed, went through some sort of process before it went into that vacuum sealed bag. If you take a good look at it you’ll see the corn is wet which tells me something was done to it before it got in the bag, likely cooked before packaging. I mean, how else would it be ready to eat?

That also tells me the corn has been sitting in that bag with the liquid and traveled all the way from Thailand to get to the shelf that I found it on. I haven’t even discussed if it might have gone in the bag while piping hot which would then make me wonder about chemicals leaching into the corn over time and that’s just for starters! I mean, what about the nutritional value? What about taste?

One vacuum sealed bag of corn gave me a whole lot to think about. Granted, most of it was just in my head but you can’t deny that I was staring at corn on the cob, in a vacuum sealed bag.

For all I know, that corn in the vacuum sealed bag could be delicious but I think I’ll pass. I’d much rather have fresh corn on the cob like this! This is a photo of organic corn I picked up back in 2012. Gosh, just looking at this pic makes me salivate. I swear, I smell fresh corn! pic - organic corn

Things to do: wander your grocery store aisles, read labels, read the ingredients, and trust yourself when you get that big question mark.

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