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Nov 24, 2016 - presidents choice dried mango

There are days when I know I want to snack on something but I’ve got no clue what I want. There are other days when I know EXACTLY what I want.

Well, today was one of those days when I knew I wanted some dried mango.

I’ve always loved dried mango. Sweet, chewy, and packed full of flavour. - presidents choice dried mango

Dried mango beats raisins or dried cranberries any day and yes, in my world, it beats chocolate too. On this particular occasion, I ended up with a bag of President’s Choice dried mango but I’m pretty much happy with whatever I can get.

Now, it should come as no surprise to me that the President’s Choice dried mango is made with mango slices, sugar, and suphites. Truth be told though, I was hoping sugar wouldn’t show up on the ingredient list but it did. - presidents choice dried mango

Oh well, all in moderation right?

The good news: at least I still get 30% of my daily intake of vitamin C if I eat 6 slices of the dried mango (ie. 42 grams). Minus the 29 grams of sugar, it isn’t that bad, right? - presidents choice dried mango

Again, all in moderation. Then again, I’d still rather have dried mango than a soft drink. Mind you, I just finished a fresh crispy, crunchy, apple.

YUM. - presidents choice dried mangoReminder: this post was written by and for only and reflects the opinion of one wee small family. If you see this post anywhere else except on my site at, know that I have not consented to having any part of this post (or this website for that matter), to be re-produced, copied, or re-printed anywhere else. Practice ethical posting!

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