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Mar 11, 2015 - pc chicago mix popcornYou don’t always need chips. Sometimes, popcorn will do quite nicely too. Sometimes, getting a bag of savory and sweet popcorn might just be the extra special gift you’ve been waiting for.

At least, that was my thought process when I picked up this bag of PC Chicago Mix Popcorn from my local Loblaws. I was looking for something a little different to do a product review on. I certainly wasn’t going to pick up a bag of chips and as I strolled, I came across this package. I have a friend who likes popcorn so I figured she could help and give me some feedback on this bag of PC Chicago Mix Popcorn too.

It was on sale so why not?

Product Review: What ingredients are in the PC Chicago Mix Popcorn?

Here’s a list of ingredients that went into the PC Chicago Mix Popcorn: caramel popcorn – sugar, popcorn, glucose solids, brown sugar, butter (milk), vegetable oil )mid-oleic sunflower and/or corn and/or canola), soybean lecithin, natural flavour (contains caramel colour), salt, baking soda. Cheddar cheese flavour popcorn – popcorn, vegetable oil (mid-oleic sunflower and/or corn and/or canola), seasoning [modified milk ingredients, maltodextrin, salt, cheddar cheese (cultured milk, salt, microbial enzymes), flavour, canola oil, spice extracts, citric acid, sodium phosphate, lactic acid, silicon dioxide]. - pc chicago mix popcorn

Well, it’s not the longest ingredient list I’ve seen and it could be a whole lot worse but it still could have been a lot better. Then again, who am I kidding, it’s a popcorn mix which would likely fall in to the ‘junk food’ category. Then again, I’ve seen junk food with a better list of ingredients…

I can see this is a no-win situation.

Taste Test: how does the PC Chicago Mix Popcorn taste?

I took this bag of PC Chicago Mix Popcorn to see my pal so we both sampled it. Open the bag of PC Chicago Mix Popcorn and this is what we see. - pc chicago mix popcorn

Noticeable caramel popcorn side by side with its cheesy neighbor. The kernels are fully popped and seem fresh. We each take a handful and chow down. I say nothing and wait for her to make the first comment.

“It’s not very flavourful.”

OMG. I thought the exact same thing.

The caramel popcorn certainly tasted like caramel popcorn but the cheese popcorn was a little on the bland side. They crunched well enough but the flavour was a little weak. - pc chicago mix popcorn

My friend’s thoughts mirrored mine except she was able to compare the PC Chicago Mix Popcorn to a few other brands she’s had before. She said both the caramel and the cheese popcorn were a little lackluster. Some of the other brands she’s had are more intense. Eating a little went a long way and you were left feeling satisfied.

I was okay with the way the caramel popcorn tasted but I did wish the cheese popcorn packed a stronger punch. As is, the caramel popcorn dominates the PC Chicago Mix Popcorn making it a little off balanced.


This bag of PC Chicago Mix Popcorn was a nice change from the conventional bag of potato chips but I’d be lying if I said it landed on my top 10 snack list. If I could, I’d re-jig the ingredient list, simplify it, and add more flavour to the cheese popcorn.

I mean, on the nutrition side of things, you get to eat a whole 50 grams or 1 1/2 cups of this PC Chicago Mix Popcorn before you consume 11% of your daily intake of fat while consuming 12% of fibre. Then again, I could also be chomping on a yummy bowl of salad (this is not a joke. I happen to love salads and not the ones drenched with creamy salad dressing either). - pc chicago mix popcorn

Do I see potential? Absolutely.

Would I eat it again? Yep.

Would I buy it again? Uh….

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