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Jun 29, 2015 - smartfood creamy dill popcornYou know, I’m a person of very simple means. I don’t need much and I don’t ask for much because quite frankly I like seeing the world from a ‘cup half full’ perspective. So, even the smallest acts of kindness will put a huge grin on my face.

Like when it was my birthday and my pals at work gave me a hummus cake adorned with rice cakes (you had to be there to appreciate it).

Or when they gave me a basketful of edible goodies.

Yep, they sure do know how to make me happy: FOOD.
This bag of Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn came as part of the birthday gift so of course I had to open it so we could all try it together!

Product Review: What ingredients are in the Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn?

Here’s a list of ingredients that went into making Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn: popcorn, vegetable oil, seasoning (corn maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavours [including dill], onion powder, salt, dextrose, sugar, whey, modified corn starch, tomato powder, spices, sour cream, garlic powder, yeast extract, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, Monterey jack cheese). - smartfood creamy dill popcorn

Thoughts on this list of ingredients for the Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn, anyone?

Well, the good news is of course that popcorn is indeed the first ingredient. I’m not fond of the fact that vegetable oil is the second ingredient but I’m also grateful that MSG (ie. monosodium glutamate) didn’t make it on the list. Yep, there are a whole bunch of other ingredients listed but I’m surprised that many of them are common like onion powder, tomato powder, sour cream, garlic powder, and a whole what of different cheeses.

So, all things considered, this list of ingredients for Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn isn’t that bad (phew!).

Taste Test: how does Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn taste?

Now, different people have different taste buds which is why is only based on my family’s opinion and really can’t reflect the entire world’s view on any one subject matter. The same goes for the Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn. As we cracked open the bag of Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn, some of my pals liked it, some weren’t impressed, and some were just indifferent. I mean, it looks like regular popcorn with seasoning sprinkled on it. - smartfood creamy dill popcorn

Let’s face it. To like Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn, first you have to like popcorn and then you have to like dill. If you’re used to eating dill pickle chips though, you might be disappointed by these Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn because they’re not tart like a dill pickle chip. The Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn has a definite dill flavour blended with hits of cheese but you won’t be puckering your lips like you would with a bag of dill pickle chips. You just won’t. - smartfood creamy dill popcorn


Did I like the Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn? Yeah, they were pretty tasty. They were a little salty without being excessively so and did have a nice flavour profile. I certainly ate my share of the Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn. The good news is, one serving size is 4 cups and I know I didn’t eat 4 cups of it. See below for the nutritional breakdown.

The same goes for the Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn. As we cracked open the bag of Smartfood Creamy Dill Popcorn, some of my pals liked it, some weren’t impressed, and some were just indifferent. 

Big thanks to all my pals at work who pitched in and got me the basketful of goodies. I’m sure many of the goodies will eventually get featured here at some point!

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