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Nov 2, 2013

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As you may have gathered from recent posts, my kid has been in to all things lemon and lime. A while back, I reviewed the PC Fruit on the Bottom Lemon Greek Yogurt which my daughter liked but I found a tad gross. It was much too sweet and just didn’t work for me.

Enter Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt. I don’t know what to expect. I was a bit ticked with the PC Fruit on the Bottom Lemon Greek Yogurt for having 16 grams of sugar and yet here is the Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt and it’s got 23 grams! We’re going to test out the Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt and find out why it needs that 23 grams of sugar but I’m already a bit irritated and we haven’t even tried it yet.


Product Review: What ingredients are in Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt?

Let’s just see what’s in the Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt: milk, fruit preparation (sugar, lemon pulp, water, lemon juice concentrate, rice starch, sodium citrate, pectin, natural flavour), cream, sugar, milk, protein concentrate, bacterial cultures.

In case you wanted a reference point, the PC Fruit on the Bottom Lemon Greek Yogurt is made with skim milk, lemon fruit preparation (sugar, water, lemon pulp, pectin, sodium citrate, natural flavour, natural colour), bacterial culture.

Like the PC Fruit on the Bottom Lemon Greek Yogurt, the Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt has milk and the fruit preparation as the first two ingredients. The difference is, the word sugar appears twice on the Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt. Hm…does it really need that much sugar? On the other hand, at least there’s no artificial sugars in it so that’s one bonus.

How does Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt taste?

Open up the container of Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt and it looks okay, just like regular ol’ yogurt with fruit on the bottom. Scoup in and one bonus: it doesn’t look radioactive yellow like the PC Fruit on the Bottom Lemon Greek Yogurt did. So, that’s one good thing.

Mix it up and it’s time to try it out. For this taste test, the entire family became involved. We each got a scoop of Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt to test it out.

Our thoughts?

Well, the big kid liked it but I can’t say she was doing backflips. I took a bite and well, it tastes like really sweet yogurt with lemon but I can’t say it’s sensational. There’s no wow factor for me. The hubby ate his portion and didn’t make much of a comment beyond that it tasted good.

The Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt tastes okay but it tastes like all the other yogurts out there except with lemon. There’s nothing jazzy or fun about this lemon yogurt that you might expect from a lemon yogurt. I also found the Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt much too sweet for my liking and despite its sweetness, my kid wasn’t a big fan of it. She found it ‘too creamy’ and I have to agree.


If you plan to eat Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt, eat it as a dessert not as a yogurt. It’s rich, it’s decadent but personally, I think it’s a bit excessive for a yogurt. With 23 grams of sugar per serving and 12 grams of fat, that’s pretty hefty to have every day. Sure, you get 10% vitamin A, 10% vitamin C and 20% calcium but I’m not sure if all that offsets all the sugar and fat.

Honestly, the Liberte Mediterranee lemon yogurt isn’t terrible. It’s just there, kind of like your average cheesecake. It tastes okay and it’s not bad if you don’t have any other optons but that’s about it. Sorry Liberte, better luck next time!

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