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Apr 19, 2013

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Vanilla, who doesn’t like vanilla? Vanilla goes well with so many sweet goodies. I use vanilla for rice pudding, pancakes, French toast, and granola bars. How could I not have a ready supply of vanilla extract in my home.

Ah, such is the reason why I decided to pick up a bottle of Simply Organic Vanilla extract. If I’m going to use that much vanilla on a regular basis then I really don’t want to use the artificial stuff and if I can buy organic and still have it be cost effective, well then why not give it a try? After all, I’m not the best baker in town so if I can buy some better ingredients to make it appear that I’m a better baker, again, why NOT?

Product Review: What ingredients are in the Simply Organic Vanilla extract?

Here are the ingredients that go into making the Simply Organic Vanilla extract: water, organic alcohol, organic vanilla bean extractives. That’s it. It’s great to know that only 3 simply ingredients went into the Simply Organic Vanilla extract and I bet you that the artificial stuff isn’t 4 ingredients long.

Sure, I could get pure vanilla bean pods but you know that would cost a lot more than a bottle of Simply Organic Vanilla extract and I’m just not that good of a baker to fork out that kind of money. If I did, then I’d be looking at organic vanilla bean pods which probably would cost me an arm and a leg. My thoughts? This Simply Organic Vanilla extract might just be the most cost effective way for me to go organic without having to fork out big bucks.

Product Review: How does Simply Organic Vanilla extract taste?

Now, I wouldn’t exactly just taste Simply Organic Vanilla extract straight from the bottle but I can tell you how my sweet goodies taste when using it. For this post, I made rice pudding which I’ve done numerous times before but not with the Simply Organic Vanilla extract.

Comparing the flavour profile between my previous bottle of real vanilla extract to the Simply Organic Vanilla extract, I’d have to say that by far, the Simply Organic Vanilla extract wins in flavour and smell. The rice pudding was fragrant and rich in vanilla flavour without being overpowering. I used the same amount that I would normally use for rice pudding and it just came out tasting richer and yummier than past batches.

I haven’t included pics of my other goodies, I can tell you that at the time of this post, I’ve also used the Simply Organic Vanilla extract in my French toast, pancakes, and my no bake granola bars and all have turned out equally fragrant and delicious. Since I haven’t changed any of the recipes, the only culprit has to be the Simply Organic Vanilla extract.

In terms of colour, the Simply Organic Vanilla extract looks about the same as other vanilla extracts but you can honestly smell it from a mile away as soon as you take the cap off. The Simply Organic Vanilla extract is just pure delight and I should have known it would be so. After all, our family also happens to love the Simply Organic cinnamon which we reviewed back in 2012. I should have known!


Well, what can I say? The Simply Organic line has another winner with its Simply Organic Vanilla extract. The flavour is rich and the smell is overwhelming decadent and it definitely does not taste fake.  Have a closer read on the bottle of Simply Organic Vanilla extract and you learn something more: the company will also give back 1% of their sales to supporting organic farming causes. Yes, a general statement perhaps, but it’s still better than all those other companies out there who make a profit and do nothing for others.

Many of us might think that this Simply Organic Vanilla extract must cost so much more than the regular vanilla extract. However, you’d be surprised. When I did a comparison at my local grocery store, both products were comparable in price so if I had to put my money down, I’d much rather go with an organic based vanilla extract. Thank you Simply Organic for providing consumers with an organic option for vanilla extract. My taste buds thank you!


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