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Jan 20, 2015 pic - make your own rice blend with red split peas, barley, and riceCopyright© 2015 All Rights Reserved.

Time for a quick little update. It’s Tuesday, January 20 (did you think I was going to complain about the work week again? I could, you know, but I’ll save that for a day when I’m particularly grouchy 🙂 )and our family is still focused on healthy eating. We continue to incorporate more beans, legumes, and different grains into our meals whenever we can.

In fact, we started eating more legumes, beans, and different grains a while ago. The first pic in this post features some yummy split peas, rice, and barley that we ate a while back. Over time, we’ve gotten more adventurous and honestly, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Here’s a pic of a recent dinner meal. On this particular occasion, we decided to make some chicken (cut into small pieces, cooked in a pan with a bit of grapeseed oil, salt, pepper, onions, garlic, cumin and curry powder) and then tossed it with some brown rice, spelt, wild rice, and lentils to make a hearty and filling dinner. We soaked dried lentils the night before and cooked them in a pot during breakfast with a little bit of cumin and curry powder. It was super easy and didn’t require any attention at all. By the time breakfast was done, the lentils were too. - chicken spelt lentil wild rice

Dinner then was just a matter of cooking the spelt, wild rice, and brown rice mix, sautéing the chicken, and putting it all together. We had veggies on the side and it was one happy complete meal.

I love the idea of using multiple types of grains, beans, and legumes. In the past, we probably would have just made one pot of brown rice. In using multiple types of grains, beans, and legumes, we get to diversify the nutrients our bodies consume which is definitely a step in the right direction.

Once upon a time I used to think it was super hard to use dried beans but it really isn’t that difficult and it saves a ton of money. Depending on the type of beans you eat, you get a ton of fibre and protein and what’s not to love about getting more B vitamins and iron into your body? A lot of the beans also give you magnesium (I love magnesium), potassium, copper and zinc as well. The best part is, I’m not subjected to any BPA along the way. I completely avoid the BPA lined tin can with its soggy beans that have been sitting there in some murky liquid for who knows how long.

Remember, I am one of the laziest people on earth and if I can use dried lentils and beans, so can you! - chicken spelt lentil wild rice

Things to do: Take the plunge and pick up some dried beans or lentils. If a bag of dried beans seems too daunting, share the bag with a friend (drag them in on this challenge) or go to your nearest bulk store and a small portion that you’re comfortable with. You’ll save money, you’ll eat better, and more importantly, you’ll feel better. One step at a time and you might just surprise yourself! My current favourites: dried organic chickpeas, lentils, navy beans, spelt, and wild rice. YUM.


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