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Apr 30, 2017 - pacific-organic-pumpkin-puree-pumpkin-loaf

For the record, I love Pacific Food’s organic Pumpkin Puree. It is my absolute pumpkin puree. I discovered it at my local health food store. It was on sale and I decided to pick it up and try my hand at making my own pumpkin loaf. My entire family loves eating pumpkin loaf but I never dared to make it. I mean, pumpkin puree? I had no clue how to use it.

Armed with this box of Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree, I tried it and made the best pumpkin loaf ever which I promise to share one day soon. For now, let me focus on this delectable pumpkin puree because quite frankly, it deserves the attention!

Product review: what ingredients are in the Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree?

Here are the ingredients that went into the Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree: 100% organic pumpkin. - pacific-organic-pumpkin-puree-pumpkin-loaf

Did you miss it?

That’s it! Just 100% organic pumpkin! Now, I did a little searchy searchy online and it looks like other pumpkin purees use only pumpkin as well so why did I opt for this one in particular?

Well, for starters, I love that the Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree is packed in a tetra box. I’m just not a big fan of the canned products, BPA or no BPA. I also happen to love that it’s organic. Pair the two together and I was one happy camper even before I made the pumpkin loaf!

What does the Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree look like?

Open the tetra box, give the product a stir and this is what the Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree looks like – pureed pumpkins. - pacific-organic-pumpkin-puree-pumpkin-loaf

Now, I have no idea what pureed pumpkin should look like but this is what I got. It’s not overly thick but it has this really great pumpkin smell and tasted as pumpkin should. A few weeks later, I go back to the health food store and learned that some customers apparently don’t like its consistency, claiming that it’s too watery. - pacific-organic-pumpkin-puree-pumpkin-loaf

Well, what do I know? I can only tell you that my pumpkin loaf turned out beautifully. It was light, moist, fluffy, and tasted like I was an authentic seasoned pumpkin loaf expert. Here’s a sneak peak of my pumpkin loaf: - pacific-organic-pumpkin-puree-pumpkin-loaf

Not bad, right?

Final Thoughts…

I have no idea if the consistency of the Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree attributed to how light, moist, and delicious my pumpkin loaf was but hey, I happen to like this pumpkin puree as it is.

 I went back to the health food store and raved about the Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree and then picked up a few more boxes. - pacific-organic-pumpkin-puree-pumpkin-loaf

I’m happy to say each of my pumpkin loaves have turned out magically well and I can’t help but attribute some of that success to this pumpkin puree. I’m actually afraid to switch brands – I can’t imagine what my pumpkin loaf might turn out like! - pacific-organic-pumpkin-puree-pumpkin-loaf

Best part is, a ½ cup serving of the Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree gives you 16% of your daily intake of dietary fibre and 300% vitamin A. How about that?! I should make pumpkin loaf more often! - pacific-organic-pumpkin-puree-pumpkin-loaf

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