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Jan 9, 2017 - lets-do-organic-organic-cornstarch

I have moments when I’m convinced I must live under a rock.

For the longest time I’ve wanted organic cornstarch to cook with but I didn’t want any old organic cornstarch. I wanted organic cornstarch that was also non GMO.

Now, some people might say, ‘Really? Organic non GMO cornstarch? Do you not have anything better to do with your life than lament for organic non GMO cornstarch?’ and they’re right. I’ve got plenty of other things I could be doing with my life (including cleaning the home but you know, that’s a chore that never ends holiday season or not). At the same time, things get stuck in my head and I end up pondering about life’s little wonders like…organic non GMO cornstarch.

And then, I spot it at my local health food store. Let’s Do…Organic Cornstarch. There it sat unassuming as ever on the store shelf and I had to pick it up to take a better look.

Yep, there it was.

Non GMO verified. - lets-do-organic-organic-cornstarch


You see, it does exist!

As you can imagine, that box of Let’s Do…Organic Cornstarch went right in my shopping cart and came home with me and I was super-duper-Mary-Poppins-happy.

What ingredients are in Let’s Do…Organic Cornstarch?

Here are the ingredients that went into making Let’s Do…Organic Cornstarch: organic cornstarch. - lets-do-organic-organic-cornstarch

That’s it.

I love the way that sounds.

So, is the Let’s Do…Organic Cornstarch any good?

Let’s be honest with one another. Cornstarch is cornstarch so I don’t expect it to do back flips or patch a hole in my wall. However, I would expect it to do what cornstarch normally would do for me. - lets-do-organic-organic-cornstarch

I mean, it looks like cornstarch so it should act like cornstarch. - lets-do-organic-organic-cornstarch

At the time of this post, I’ve used the Let’s Do…Organic Cornstarch to make gravies and shortbread cookies and they’ve all turned out as expected. There were no funny smells or accidents or flops. The Let’s Do…Organic Cornstarch worked like all the other cornstarches I’ve used before.

Hey, I’ve even used it to make my first ever batch of chocolate pudding (care of the recipe on the box, which I’ll share another day). - lets-do-organic-organic-cornstarch

I’m not a chocolate pudding fan (remember, I’m not much for chocolate anyway) but according to the family, it was delicious.


I’m loving the Let’s Do…Organic Cornstarch. I love that consumers like me who have non GMO cornstarch on the brain can actually find a product to meet those nagging needs. It’s peace of mind and it just plain ol’ makes me feel happy. - lets-do-organic-organic-cornstarch

I know, I know. Cornstarch makes me feel happy? Weird, right? Then again, in a world where GMO corn runs rampant I applaud companies like Let’s Do…Organic for giving me options. The best part is, the Let’s Do…Organic Cornstarch didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. In my opinion, it was affordable especially when you consider that a little goes a long way. I’ve used the same box of Let’s Do…Organic Cornstarch for a number of different meals and I still have some left.

Organic non GMO cornstarch may not be on everyone’s radar and I’m certainly not saying you have to buy it but I am grateful that it’s available and on the market. Do I plan to buy another box when I’m done?

TOTALLY. - lets-do-organic-organic-cornstarch
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