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Dec 19, 2017 - boursin garlic and fine herbs cheese

Okay, I’m not much for chocolate but I sure do love cheese. Well, correction. There are many cheeses that I do like (minus brie, I don’t understand it) and I’m always on the lookout for different ones to enjoy.

Boursin happens to be one of my newfound favourites. Why do I love it so? - boursin garlic and fine herbs cheese

Well, this Boursin cheese just sooo easy and so smooth and so simple but so yummy. That pretty much sums it up. It comes in a variety of flavours but I’m in love with the garlic and fine herbs. I’ve had it on crackers and I’ve added it to plain pasta with grilled vegetables. It reminds me of a light flavoured cream cheese but with a hint of tartness to cut the creaminess. I sometimes find cream cheese too thick and rich so this Boursin is perfect for my taste buds. - boursin garlic and fine herbs cheese

Gosh, this Boursin makes me happy.

If only I had some at home right now then I’d be super happy.

So, what ingredients are in the Boursin Cheese with Garlic and Fine Herbs?

Let’s take a look at the ingredients that went into Boursin Cheese with Garlic and Fine Herbs: pasteurized milk and cream, bacterial cultures, garlic, salt, white pepper, dried parsley, dried chives. - boursin garlic and fine herbs cheese

That’s it, pretty cool, right?

Gosh, I love Boursin. I mean, what’s not to love about a cheese that has garlic and herbs and is actually made with milk, cream, garlic and herbs?

If only everything in life could be that simple.

Final Thoughts?

This holiday season, you might be wondering about that cheese plate of yours and what you might add to jazz it up a bit. Hey, if you could get your hands on some Boursin you may just want to give it a try! - boursin garlic and fine herbs cheese

In case you want to learn more about Boursin, feel free to visit their website by clicking here.

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