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Oct 12, 2016 - lays-bacon-poutine-chips

Let’s just say not all chips are created equal.

These Lays’ Bacon Poutine chips were a brand new flavour at my local grocery store so I decided to pick them up as a treat for my pals at work. They like bacon and poutine so this sounded like the perfect combination to share with them.


The concept for these Lays’ Bacon Poutine chips may have been inspired by bacon and poutine but my taste buds claim otherwise. The chips are salty and savoury, there’s no denying that and some might even call them tasty with their signature Lay’s thin chip crunch. But…bacon and poutine?

No way. - lays-bacon-poutine-chips

These chips do have a slightly smoky hint which I’m guessing is the nod to the bacon but I can’t taste any cheese or bacon.


For the record, this isn’t just my opinion. A group of us tasted the Lays’ Bacon Poutine chips and while some did like them, no one around the table thought they tasted like bacon or poutine. - lays-bacon-poutine-chips

Food review: what ingredients are in the Lays’ Bacon Poutine chips?

Here are the ingredients that went into making these Lays’ Bacon Poutine chips: specially selected potatoes, vegetable oil, seasoning (corn maltodextrin, salt, dextrose, sugar, mozzarella cheese, colour, yeast extract, onion powder, natural flavour, vegetable oil, garlic powder, butter, spice and herbs, mono-and diglycerides). - lays-bacon-poutine-chips

No thoughts on this matter. They’re chips and since they didn’t put any real bacon, cheese or gravy into the bag you’d have to assume they put a bunch of other stuff in hopes of mimicking those flavours.


Are these Lays’ Bacon Poutine chips yummy?  Some might think so. Given that I haven’t been a chip fan for a while now I’d say they’re savory but warrant no back flips.  I wanted so much more from these chips and they just didn’t hold up to their name. - lays-bacon-poutine-chips

Oh well. On to the next post!

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