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Jul 3, 2014 - stonemill sourdough multigrain breadCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Truth be told, I’m a bit of a bread snob. I mean, I’ll eat almost any bread that comes my way but I’ve also steered clear of certain brands of bread that have ingredients that I don’t need in my body. Remember the azodicarbonamide aka yoga mat fiasco? Yep, that stopped me from eating a number of breads and I have a hard time going back to those brands. That’s just the tip of the iceberg but you get what I mean.

So, it should be no surprise to you that I was really excited to try a new line of breads from Stonemill Bakehouse. I was recently asked to review their line of breads with vitamin D.

Say what? Did I just hear that correctly?

Yes I did and that’s exactly why I agreed to do this review because Stonemill is the first company in English Canada to introduce vitamin D into their breads.

How cool is that?

Product Review: What ingredients are in the Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread with vitamin D? - stonemill sourdough multigrain breadWhat ingredients are in the Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread? Let’s take a look: wheat flour, water, organic whole grain rye flour, rolled oats, brown flax seed, whole and ground brown flax seeds, yellow flax seeds, yeast, wheat bran, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, malted barley flour, sunflower seeds, millet seeds, cultured wheat starch, natural citric acid, organic sourdough (organic whole grain rye flour, water, bacterial culture).

Translation: Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread is made with really good ingredients. Notice you don’t see words like azodicarbonmide or mono and di-glycerides or sucrose or fructose or enriched white flour. I mean, I’m no nutritionist but the ingredient list for the Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread is pretty darn good. - stonemill sourdough multigrain breadI do a little digging and the story gets even better. Take a good look at the packaging on the Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread and you’ll see that 2 slices will give me 25% of my daily value of vitamin D per serving. That is amazing especially when you know vitamin D is hard to come by. Do the math and it’s almost the same as a cup of milk.

Aside from that, 2 slices of this bread will also give me 16% of your daily intake of fibre and I get 20% iron. REALLY? Seriously?! - stonemill sourdough multigrain breadPerhaps what I like most about the Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread is the fact that the ingredients are non-GMO! Now, how many companies can make that claim? In a world where I question the origin of almost every single ingredient, it’s reassuring to know that non-GMO does still exist.

Question now though: does Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread taste good? That will ultimately seal the deal.

Taste Test: how does the Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread taste? - stonemill sourdough multigrain breadHere’s a close up shot of the Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread. I decided to have it for dinner tonight.

I loved the Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread! It had the signature sourdough taste – tart yet oh so flavourful. For those of you who don’t like having a bunch of different grains in your bread, I have to tell you that the sourdough flavour was not hampered by the flaxseeds and other goodies in this bread. Even my daughter wanted to try the bread and she liked it as well (and she’s not even a sour dough fan!). The bread was soft, flavourful, and best of all, filled with good ingredients.


Would I recommend the Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread to others? Yep, the bread tasted good, it’s made with quality ingredients, and it’s got a lot of healthy benefits too.

Now, in case you don’t like sourdough and you’re looking to try the Stonemill Bakehouse bread with vitamin D, here’s even more good news: it comes in other flavours too. You can get:

Chia 6 Supergrains
Sprouted 3 Grains 3 Grains & Oatmeal
11 Whole Grains Grains & Honey
12 Whole Grains Sprouted Rye
Omega 3 Sprouted Flax
Omega 3 Sunflower & Walnut
Fibre & Fruit Cranberry Pumpkin Seed
Flax & Chia Supergrains

How’s that for variety? - stonemill sourdough multigrain breadI was a little curious as to how the vitamin D was added to the Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread. As it turns out, the vitamin D comes from the yeast. That’s pretty cool in my books. I appreciate that Stonemill Bakehouse is the first company in English Canada to introduce vitamin D into their breads but it’s more than that.

I’m sick and tired of mediocre breads made with subpar ingredients. I won’t name names but if you go into your local grocery store and seriously look at the ingredient list, most of those breads are made with ingredients that I can’t pronounce even if I was fully awake with a day’s worth of coffee coursing through my veins. If I’m going to pay money for the food my family is going to eat, then I deserve to have decent options.

That’s what Stonemill Bakehouse means to me. I appreciate that there are no artificial preservatives or additives.  I’ve reviewed a few of their other products before but this is by far my favourite of the bunch. - stonemill sourdough multigrain breadNow, one thing to keep in mind: as I did a little chatting with the folks at Stonemill I learned that Stonemill bread is primarily available in Ontario. They do have limited distribution in Quebec and Atlantic Canada. So, if you’re interested in trying their bread and you can’t quite seem to locate it, connect with them on their Facebook page by clicking here and they’ll let you know if there’s a store in your area that carries their product.

I’d like to end off this review with a thank you to Stonemill for giving me the chance to test out their Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Multigrain bread.

Now, it’s your turn!

If you’re living in Ontario and you’re one of the first two folks to email me after reading this product review, I’ll send you a coupon to try out their bread too, courtesy of Stonemill Bakehouse! - stonemill sourdough multigrain breadReminder: this post was written by and for only. If you see this post anywhere else except on my site at, know that I have not consented to having any part of this post (or this website for that matter), to be re-produced, copied, or re-printed anywhere else. Practice ethical posting!


For more information, visit their website by clicking here

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