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Sep 2, 2013

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Yes, it’s now September and yes, I’m still talking about ice cream because when something tastes good, it deserves to be recognized. Now, we all know about the ice cream Drumstick, right? That signature ice cream cone topped with a chocolaty coating and peanuts, finished with a chunk of chocolate right at the tail end tip of the cone.


Did you know the Nestle typical Drumstick now comes with PEANUT BUTTER???

Yep, that’s when Nestle got me and I just HAD to try them. The fact that they were on sale (box of 4 for less than $3) certainly helped because I rarely am willing to pay full price for ice cream. Now, for those of you who regularly visit, you know I’m a big PB fan and PB doesn’t always live up to my lofty expectations. Question is: will this new revamped Nestle chocolate peanut butter Drumstick rise to the occasion?

Product Review: What are the ingredients in the Nestle chocolate peanut butter Drumstick?

The Nestle chocolate peanut butter Drumstick is made with the following ingredients: modified milk ingredients, sugar, peanuts, coconut oil, wheat flour, milk ingredients, cocoa, glucose, corn oil, modified palm oil, hydrogenated vegetable oils (palm, soybean and/or cottonseed), peanut oil, salt, unsweetened chocolate, mono-and-diglycerides, soy lecithin, cellulose gum, carob bean gum, carrageenan, wheat starch, corn starch, artificial flavour, colour.

Gosh, could this ingredient list get any worse? Seriously, Nestle. Just because you’re making ice cream doesn’t mean you have to put garbage in it. Why use modified milk ingredients when you could just use cream or milk? You know it’s a sad list when about the only thing good in the list is the word ‘sugar’. I think there’s enough oil products in this Nestle chocolate peanut butter Drumstick to power my laptop for a year.

The peanuts, coconut oil, and unsweetened chocolate aren’t bad either but golly gee whiz, the rest of the list is so awful that even if the Nestle chocolate peanut butter Drumstick are the best things I’ve ever tasted I don’t think I can bring myself to ever buy them again deal or no deal.

Is this EVEN ice cream?

Product Review: How does the Nestle chocolate peanut butter Drumstick taste?

Well, you knew it would look like the signature Drumstick right? Now it’s just a matter of taste and I have to say despite the nasty ingredient list, the Nestle chocolate peanut butter Drumstick does taste good.

The peanuts were really fresh and had that really sharp fresh crunch. The chocolate ice cream didn’t disappoint and the peanut butter centre was divine. The peanut butter wasn’t too sweet so it was perfectly balanced with the chocolate cold stuff that may or may not be ice cream, peanuts and crunchy cone. Of course, who wouldn’t also love the signature chocolate cone tip to finish the treat off?

Sadly though, with all those fillers and oils in the Nestle chocolate peanut butter Drumstick, I don’t know if I’m technically even supposed to call this an ice cream treat. The breadcrumb link trail on the Nestle website uses the word ‘ice cream’ but I can’t see it on the Drumstick box and it’s certainly not used on the site when it talks about the Drumstick.

HUH. I think I’m grossed out.


I’ve officially fallen victim to my PB infatuation. While I may love PB, I can’t fathom ever buying the Nestle chocolate peanut butter Drumstick ever again. For crying out loud, it looks like ice cream, tastes like ice cream, but has so much other garbage in it the box and website doesn’t even call IT ice cream and you know that’s not an oversight because big companies don’t make ‘oversights’. It’s called cost cutting and that grosses me out.

Companies that use real ingredients proudly put up the words ‘ice cream’ because they can say it without turning fifty shades of embarrassment.

So, what am I going to do with you Nestle? If this is in fact ice cream, then I apologize and you can email me and I’ll correct this post but until then, I’m convinced this stuff isn’t even qualified to be called ice cream. I mean, take a look at this pic on the left. They’ve literally labelled the entire Drumstick and not once does it use the words ‘ice cream’.  It tells you it’s got the ‘creamy taste of chocolate’ without ever calling it ‘chocolate ice cream’. That is down right creepy.

Does the Nestle chocolate peanut butter Drumstick taste good?


Will I buy it ever again?



Because there are plenty of other yummy things on this planet to eat and I don’t need 37% of my daily recommended intake of fat to be consumed by something that isn’t even real. I choose not to eat subpar products that big companies pump out to make money. You want me to buy it? Make it better and let me know when you bravely decide to take that step.

Not cool, Nestle. Not cool AT ALL.

Signing out.

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