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Dec 9, 2016 - martelli-organic-cornmeal-polenta

I’m not the best baker and I’m certainly not the best cook on the planet but I do like to try new things (within reason). Recently, my adorable neighbour/pal called me over to get food. She’d made too much polenta and lovingly insisted that I take some home.

Well, how could I resist?

Best part: the polenta was delicious and she convinced me that it was easy to make. In theory, all I had to do was get some cornmeal, add it to boiling water, and by the magic of cooking, it’ll make polenta that I can cut into chunks, fry up and pair with whatever I so please.

Hey, it sounded easy (in theory) but the first task was to find the cornmeal.

Enter my local Italian grocery store. I browse the aisle and all the different brands of cornmeal that are available. My eyes land on the Martelli Organic Cornmeal Polenta.


Well, for one, it’s organic and GMO free! LOVE that. It’s instant so I’m guessing it’ll cook a little faster than the typical cornmeal I’d use for the cornbread I make. It also came with some tips on how to make grilled polenta which gave me the reassurance that I was in fact buying the right type of cornmeal. - martelli-organic-cornmeal-polenta - martelli-organic-cornmeal-polenta

What ingredients are in the Martelli Organic Cornmeal Polenta?

Don’t blink or you might miss it. The Martelli Organic Cornmeal Polenta is made with the following ingredients: precooked organic cornmeal. - martelli-organic-cornmeal-polenta

That’s it.

And how did the polenta turn out?

I’ll save the actual polenta talk for another day but I’ll give you a sneak peek. Here’s how my polenta turned out. - martelli-organic-cornmeal-polenta

Pretty awesome, huh?

In case you’re interested, here’s the nutrition facts for the Martelli Organic Cornmeal Polenta. - martelli-organic-cornmeal-polenta

I have to be honest, making polenta for the first time ever was gut wrenching but actually relatively easy. The box of Martelli Organic Cornmeal Polenta did give me instructions on how to make polenta but I didn’t know how much it would make so I had to do my best guess. Luckily, it all turned out okay! - martelli-organic-cornmeal-polenta


I will definitely be making polenta again and I’ll happily use the Martelli Organic Cornmeal Polenta. I loved the vacuum seal, I loved the product, and I particularly loved that it was GMO free. Making polenta was relatively simple despite my initial apprehension. - martelli-organic-cornmeal-polenta

This post is dedicated to my neighbour/pal for sharing her delicious polenta with me and more importantly for giving me the bravery to make my own! It’s now become a more staple in our family.

Who knew?

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