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Sep 5, 2015 - Sees Candies images from is now 4 ½ years old. Can you believe it? So much has changed since those early days. Since my homework book discovery, I’ve had a renewed interest to dig through my old images for to see what I discover.

Perfect example: a box of See’s Candies from my December 2011 collection.

Sigh, apologies again for the small images. I really don’t know what I was thinking back then but I must have thought it was a good idea.

I received the box of See’s Candies as a gift. I was grateful and touched by the gesture. I decided to take photos as a future post for I don’t know why I never did. I guess I just simply ran out of time. Before you know it, it’s 2015.

Looking back at these images, I remember staring at all the different options that even appealed to me despite my overall mediocre opinion of chocolate. - Sees Candies images from 2011

I guarantee you that I didn’t eat all of them myself but I do remember having some favourites: one had a crunchy toffee like centre and the other had a chunky almond topping. - Sees Candies images from - Sees Candies images from 2011

Yep, they were good.

Come to think of it, I haven’t had chocolate from See’s Candies in 4 years. - Sees Candies images from 2011

Wow, time does fly.

Question: has anyone else had See’s Candies lately? If you have, let me know!

I wonder what else I’ll discover when I continue to dig through these old files! I’ll keep you all posted!

In case you’ve never heard of See’s Candies or you want to learn more, visit their website by clicking here.

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