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Dec 12, 2014 - barkleys naturally better mintsCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

It’s holiday season and chances are, you’ll be eating a lot of foods and you’ll also do a lot of talking. Fresh breath is likely to be high on your list.

A while back I did a review on Vermints which I happen to really like. They have a great cinnamon kick to them and they really do energize your breath. The only thing is, not all of my friends liked the chalky texture. I personally didn’t mind the texture but it did get some mixed reviews.

Enter Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints. I found them at the same health food store as the Vermints and they were roughly the same price so I decided to pick up a pack of the cinnamon ones for a taste test.

Let’s just say the results were a little surprising.

Product Review: What ingredients are in Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints? - barkleys naturally better mintsHere are in the ingredients that went into Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints: organic evaporated cane juice, natural red hot cinnamon flavour, natural calcium stearate (vegetable based). The Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints is gluten free, peanut free, and contains no animal byproducts.

As you can tell by the ingredient list, the Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints are made with only a few ingredients although the use of the word ‘natural’ always makes me wonder. I mean, what is natural red hot cinnamon flavour? Is it cinnamon oil? Is it a powder? Is it ground up cinnamon bark? I mean, why call it natural red hot cinnamon flavour when you could call it something more realistic?

I have no idea.

Product Review: How does Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints taste?

Barkley’s Naturally Better MintsThe Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints are a decent size, easy to pocket in your mouth (similar in size to the Vermints) but they definitely do not look like Vermints. Vermints have a more chalky appearance right from the get-go. These Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints look smooth, uniform, and shiny almost like the Rockets candies that kids get at Halloween.

For this taste test, I gave the Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints to a number of different people to sample.

The Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints are significantly sweeter than the Vermints, that’s for sure and they are definitely not chalky. They have a slow, sugary sweet kind of melt and quite frankly, not much cinnamon flavour. That ‘hot’ word on the ingredient list is misleading because there is no kick to these Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints. I can’t take spicy foods but these Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints are milder than mild.

My big kid certainly liked Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints. I let her try one (she likes cinnamon) and she liked it because it tasted like candy. I’m okay with the taste but I do prefer the fresher less sweet kick that I get from the Vermints.

One day, I gave the Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints to a friend.

Barkley’s Naturally Better MintsTo this day, I still crack up laughing when I think of her reaction. She put it in her mouth, made a hideous face, started giggling, held it between her teeth and desperately tried to find something to spit it in to. People around us couldn’t help but stare and smile (they were being so kind) at a grown woman demobilized by a little excessively sweet mint. This is the same friend who found the Vermints too chalky but she at least ate that mint. The Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints was in a napkin in less than 10 seconds but she warned all our friends the next time we saw them and I offered them a sample.

Here’s the thing: I had 2 other friends who were brave enough to try the Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints despite her warnings. Both tasted it, 1 spit it out and the other ate it. Both said the very fact that it was called a mint gave the impression that it should taste like a mint. The only problem is, according to their feedback, the Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints didn’t taste like a mint. A candy, yes. A mint, no.


Did I like the Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints? Yeah, they’re okay. Do I like the Vermints better? Totally. I mean, if I’m going to have a mint, I’m having it because I want it to do something – freshen my breath. While I like Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints, there is no denying that it’s missing that minty kick and while my friends didn’t like the chalky texture of the Vermints, they certainly prefer that over the sweetness of Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints.

My daughter on the other hand, who’s only 8 years old, loves Barkley’s Naturally Better Mints.


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