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Sep 8, 2013

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You know things are changing when big name producers are willing to change or modify their product lines. Who would have thunk it possible that Kraft would come out with an all natural peanut butter? I think I almost fell and tripped over my own two feet when I first noticed this jar of Kraft all natural peanut butter sitting on the shelf of my local grocery store. There it was sitting beside all the other junky PBs. The Kraft all natural peanut butter was on sale so OBVIOUSLY I just had to find out how it tasted.


Product Review: What are the ingredients in the Kraft all natural peanut butter?

Hm..any guesses what ingredients are in the Kraft all natural peanut butter? see, the Kraft all natural peanut butter is made with 100% select roasted peanuts. Not sure what the 1012C means but I’m guessing it must be some unique identifier for the peanuts used.

My thoughts? Well, I haven’t even tasted the Kraft all natural peanut butter but I’d like to applaud them for making this significant mental switch in their production line. I recognize that isn’t easy for big companies to decide on change. However, it’s about time that big names consider the simplicity of life and stop cramming their peanut butter with all sorts of weird stuff. The very fact that the Kraft all natural peanut butter is made with just peanuts is ground breaking.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at the ingredients that went into a different jar of Kraft peanut butter. These are the ingredients that go into the Kraft regular smooth peanut butter: select roasted peanuts, corn dextrin, sugar, salt, hydrogenated vegetable oil (to prevent separation). LOVELY. I thought it was peanut butter but this Kraft regular smooth peanut butter sounds more like something I’d patch my home up with than food.

Kraft, I have no idea how your Kraft all natural peanut butter tastes but kudos to you for giving consumers what they’ve been asking for.

Product Review: How does the Kraft all natural peanut butter taste?

Crack open the jar of Kraft all natural peanut butter and I take a sniff. Smells fragrant and just like PB should smell. Who needs all those other fillers? The Kraft all natural peanut butter looks the way it should – there’s a film of peanut oil on top so all I need to do now is give it a few stirs to blend it all back together. How hard is that? I’d much rather mix a bit of peanut butter than consume hydrogenated vegetable oil, thank you very much.

Toast some bread and on goes the Kraft all natural peanut butter. Add a bit of honey, mix, and take a bite.

Hm…not bad, Kraft not bad. I’ll be honest, the Kraft all natural peanut butter isn’t as rich and peanut buttery as I’ve had with a few other brands (not sure if that’s because of the type of peanuts you’ve chosen Kraft) but compared to all the junk in the regular Kraft peanut butter, this is miles better.

The Kraft all natural peanut butter is smooth, tastes like peanut butter and is happily satisfying. It may not be as rich as some of the organic brands I’ve tried but hey, in a pinch, it really hits the spot and does it well.

I envision the Kraft all natural peanut butter with some really yummy chocolate ice cream. That would be a delectable pairing too.


Kraft, I’m proud of you for taking this step forward. I appreciate that as a big company, it took a lot of red tape to make this final decision to make an all natural peanut butter. For what it is, the Kraft all natural peanut butter tastes smooth and peanut buttery. Thank you for giving consumers like me an option. Before this taste test, I would never go near your other PBs for fear of the blasted hydrogenated vegetable oil, corn dextrin and then some. So, thumbs up to you Kraft for moving your thinking forward!

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