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Dec 14, 2013

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A while back the folks at L’Ancentre sent me a test package with a variety of cheeses and butters. As of right now, I’ve tested all the cheeses but have yet to get at the butters. I waited until the very end to try out the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese. You see, I recognized the other cheeses, ranging from mild cheddars to deep rich aged cheddars but I’ve never had Emmental before. I don’t even KNOW what Emmental is. The closest thing I know to Emmental is Emmet and that’s a guy’s name.

Thus, my apprehension yet excitement to try it. I saved the most novel cheese to the last so that I could focus only on it and nothing else. Those of you who’ve had Emmental cheese before might think I’m crazy but hey, this will be the first time I’ve ever had it.

Question is: how does the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese taste?

Food Product Review: What ingredients are in the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese?

By now, regular readers of shouldn’t be surprised by the ingredient list for the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese. Like the other L’Ancentre cheeses that I’ve reviewed before, this L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese is made with equally good stuff: organic unpasteurized milk, bacterial culture, salt, microbial enzyme.

That’s it. No colours, no fillers, no milk powders or other words that the cow didn’t moo out. I’m always floored and so impressed with companies that can make quality goods using simple basic ingredients.
Food Review: how does the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese taste?

Crack open the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese and I have no idea what to expect. My big kid thinks there might be holes in the cheese like other Swiss cheeses but it doesn’t look that way.

Cut into the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese and it’s a dry cheese but it holds its shape. It doesn’t crumble like the older aged cheeses I’ve had of late. The knife slices easily and I take a bite.

Different..but yummy. How do I describe the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese? Well, I don’t know what other Emmental Swiss cheese should taste like but this one is flavourful but it’s not sharp like the old cheddars that I love so much yet it’s got a really nice savory kick to it. The L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese also has a good solid bite to it. It doesn’t dissolve in your mouth like the older cheddars. Its flavour lingers and it’s a good linger. I don’t know what happened but next thing you know I’ve eaten a big chunk of the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese.

At the time of this post, I’ve had the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese on top of my morning toast with hummus, I’ve eaten it plain, and I’ve had it melted on crackers. Each time, the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese did not disappoint.


Well, that ends my stash of L’Ancentre cheeses. Perhaps what I’m most impressed by is how well each cheese was made with quality ingredients yet they each had their own signature taste and selling point. While I’ve never had Emmental or Swiss cheese for that matter, I have to say I really liked the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese. Solid flavour with a clean aftertaste, the L’Ancentre Emmental Swiss cheese always left me happy. I wasn’t sure it would given that I’m such a big fan of the old cheddars.

Seriously, L’Ancentre, I don’t know how you do it but you make good cheese.


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