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Jun 11, 2015 - elco sesame rice crackers

A couple of weeks ago, I did a product review on a different brand of rice cracker and discovered a surprising ingredient in it. I then started to wonder if other brands of rice crackers would also use surprising ingredients.

A pal at work purchased this pack of Elco Sesame Rice Crackers so I decided to take a closer look to see what these rice crackers were made of. Guess what? There’s no beeswax involved.

Product Review: what ingredients are in the Elco Sesame Rice Crackers?

If you didn’t read my earlier review about the other brand of rice crackers then my comment about the beeswax will make no sense to you at all. However, I can assure you that this pack of Elco Sesame Rice Crackers contains no beeswax.

Here is the list of ingredients that went into the Elco Sesame Rice Crackers: rice flour, safflower oil, sesame, salt. - elco sesame rice crackers

That’s it. No beeswax listed on the ingredient list.

My thoughts on the ingredient list? It’s about as basic as it can get but I’d rather the safflower oil not be the second ingredient on the list. Other than that, there’s not much else I can say.

Taste Test: How do these Elco Sesame Rice Crackers taste?

Hey, it’s a rice cracker. How else is it supposed to taste? It has the signature rice cracker crunch and savory taste. You get that extra toasty flavor from the sesame seeds but otherwise, it tastes very similar to other brands. - elco sesame rice crackers

Per 10 crackers (20 grams), you’ll get 2% of your daily intake of fat, 3% sodium, 5% carbohydrates, and 2% iron. So, the nutrition facts for these Elco Sesame Rice Crackers are comparable to many of the other brands of rice crackers. Depending on which brand you compare these Elco Sesame Rice Crackers to, they’re a little lower in sodium (some have 3% or higher) but everything else is pretty much the same. - elco sesame rice crackers


My thoughts after tasting these Elco Sesame Rice Crackers? I like them. I like them much like I do other rice crackers. I guess for me, today’s post isn’t so much about the Elco Sesame Rice Crackers as it is about thinking a little broader. I understand why certain ingredients are used. After all, rice crackers aren’t rice crackers if you don’t have rice flour as an ingredient. The oil, the sodium, the sesame seeds, those all make sense.

I think back to that other brand of rice cracker and I’m left scratching my head. Beeswax? Really?!

Special thanks go to my gal pal at work for sharing these Elco Sesame Rice Crackers for a product review. - elco sesame rice crackers

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