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Jun 30, 2015 - crosby's fancy molasses

You’re probably going to tell me it’s Crosby’s Fancy Molasses, right?

Well, you’re only partly right.

You see Crosby’s Fancy Molasses, I see a container of pure scariness. You see, I’ve always been afraid of baking with molasses. I don’t know what it is about molasses but it just plain ol’ freaks me out. Maybe it’s because molasses seems so different from everything else that I bake with. It’s not butter, I’ve seen that solid and in liquid form and I know what white sugar and brown sugar do, but molasses?

No way.

The truth is, though, my big kid happens to like baked goods that use molasses as one of the ingredients. There are all these gingerbread cookie and spice loaf recipes that I’ve been wanting to try so I finally built up the courage and picked up this box of Crosby’s Fancy Molasses. I’ll tell you about my baking adventures another day. Today’s post is all about the big M.

What ingredients are in Crosby’s Fancy Molasses?

Any guesses what the ingredients are in Crosby’s Fancy Molasses?

Take a good look. - crosby's fancy molasses

Fancy molasses which is made from 100% sugarcane.

Confession: until I read the ingredient list for Crosby’s Fancy Molasses, I had no idea that that was what molasses was. Prior to this moment in my life, I could have sworn molasses was just some odd entity that fancy adept bakers used in their baking.

Who knew, molasses is just sugarcane?

You see, knowledge IS power.

Taste Test: how does Crosby’s Fancy Molasses taste?

Those of you who bake with molasses probably already know what it tastes like. I mean, molasses is molasses regardless of what brand you buy but I would imagine that different brands probably have slight variances. Some might be stronger, some might be a bit more intense. I’m not sure, I’m just guessing but overall, I’d say molasses probably tastes like molasses.

But, if you’ve never had molasses before, then think: gingerbread cookie. That’s how I often how I think molasses tastes and that’s exactly how Crosby’s Fancy Molasses tastes.

Crosby’s Fancy Molasses is thick and rich with the consistency of honey. It has this really great dark brown colour (again, think gingerbread) and it smells like gingerbread cookies in the making. - crosby's fancy molasses


While I haven’t posted on the recipes yet, I have to tell you that baking with Crosby’s Fancy Molasses wasn’t as scary as I was convinced it would be. It actually was kind of fun. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been as freaked out as I was. I mean, we do use honey frequently and they both have roughly the same consistency.

A quick trick I learned was to pour the Crosby’s Fancy Molasses into a pre-buttered measuring cup. That way, the molasses easily slid off and all I had to do was use a little spatula to get whatever was left over.

Lesson learned: sometimes, it is okay to spread your baking wings and try new ingredients. If I hadn’t taken that little baking leap, I would have never known that baking with molasses is actually pretty simple!

*yay me!* - crosby's fancy molassesFor more information, visit their website by clicking here

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