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Oct 10, 2014 - pc sticky riceCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

I like rice, many of us do. Our family likes rice in all different shapes and forms, from risotto to rice pudding to wild rice and then some. Having said that, recent chitter chatter about arsenic in rice has modified our consumption a fair bit. If anything else, our family pays extra careful attention to the labels and where our rice is coming from. Thus, on our recent trip to Loblaws, we spotted this bag of PC premium medium grain Sticky Rice.

If it was any other day, we probably would have just picked up the bag and taken it home with us. I mean, it’s just rice, right?


Product Review: what ingredients are in the PC premium medium grain Sticky Rice?

Let me ask you a very simple question. If you were buying a bag of rice, what do you think would be in that bag? Rice, right? Anything else?

You see, that’s what I thought. Buy a bag of rice, get rice. Funny thing about that…you see, I took a good look at this bag of PC premium medium grain Sticky Rice and found the list of ingredients. Took me a while to find that list but I found it and guess what? The words ‘corn syrup’ show up on that ingredient list. I had no idea rice grew on plants with corn syrup, did you know that?

Sorry, allow me to be sarcastic even if it doesn’t translate very well. - pc sticky riceCorn syrup, really? Come ON. Does it look like I buy rice to consume corn syrup? If I wanted to scarf down corn syrup, I would BUY corn syrup, right?? If I’m buying RICE, I expect to buy RICE not corn syrup coated rice.

People, that’s disgusting. Beyond that, it’s disappointing.


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For more information, visit their website by clicking here (FYI though, the image of the product doesn’t look the same as the bag I saw but the ingredient list under product information is the same so I’m going to assume it’s the same thing!

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