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Jul 17, 2015 - central roast dried cranberriesI love dried cranberries. I love that they’re tart and fruity and they’re not as sweet as raisins (I’m not a big fan of raisins. I don’t even particularly care for oatmeal raisin cookies). Add dried cranberries to a handful of nuts and seeds and you’ve got the perfect blend of crunch, tang, and chew.

Now, not all dried cranberries are created equal. I’ve tried some dried cranberries that are far too sweet for my liking. They might as well have been red raisins. Ugh…creepy!

Friends recommended Central Roast dried cranberries so I decided to give them a test drive. I was at work and needed an easy mid-afternoon snack.

One word: yum.

Product Review: What ingredients are in Central Roast dried cranberries?

Pick up a bag of Central Roast dried cranberries and this is the list of ingredients you’ll see: Cranberries, Apple Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Oil. - central roast dried cranberries

Three ingredients, nothing more, nothing less.

The good news: cranberries are the first ingredient. The other good news: only apple juice concentrate is used to sweeten up these tiny morsels. Sure, I’m not a big fan of the sunflower oil but there’s no denying that these Central Roast dried cranberries have far less oil than your average bag of potato chips.

Read the packaging a little more carefully and you’ll see the Central Roast dried cranberries are sulphite free and are minimally processed with no hydrogenated oils and no artificial colours or flavours. - central roast dried cranberries

Not sure how the Central Roast dried cranberries measure up to other brands but it’s comforting to read nonetheless.

Product Review: So, how do the Central Roast dried cranberries taste?

So, I spilled the beans earlier and already told you that these Central Roast dried cranberries are pretty yummy. - central roast dried cranberries

I have to apologize, I don’t think these photos showcase how great these Central Roast dried cranberries are. The dried cranberries have a very deep rich colour. They’re plump and meaty. I know that may sound a little silly. I mean, how often does a dried cranberry get called plump and meaty? I’ve tried some other brands with cranberries that look like dried up little bits of nothing. Not so with the Central Roast dried cranberries. They hold their own and they do so quite well. - central roast dried cranberries

The Central Roast dried cranberries are seriously tart and refreshing. Some might even find them too tart but I think they’re perfect as they are. Pair them with some seeds and nuts or eat them by the handful. You can add them to your morning cereal, granola, or oatmeal. I haven’t tried this yet but I’m sure they’d taste great in some homemade bars and cookies too.

Ooh the ideas that are now swirling in my head!


Dried cranberries are fun (yes, my interpretation of fun may be a little different than yours). They can offer a different zing to your snack regime because they’re not excessively sweet and they’re definitely not salty. They add a zip and a tang that many other dried fruits can’t give you.

Now, of course, you’re eating dried fruit so the nutritional benefits may be a bit lacking when you compare it to eating fresh fruit off a tree or vine. Each 1/3 cup (40 gram) serving of Central Roast dried cranberries, for instance, gives you 8% of your daily intake of fibre but nothing for vitamin C. But, it’s still a better choice than chomping on a bag of oily salty potato chips. - central roast dried cranberries

p.s. the Central Roast dried cranberries could be on the more expensive end of the spending spectrum so I waited until they were on sale first. After all, it’s only a snack. Why pay full price? - central roast dried cranberries

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