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Dec 8, 2013

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When I was a kid, I loved eating cereal and Shreddies was one of my absolute favourites. I could eat bowls and buckets of Shreddies. I loved the crunch, I loved the toasty taste, and most of all I just loved their wheaty goodness.

Fast forward a million years and now I’m a parent and I recognize times have changed. As parents in today’s world, we have no choice but to be label readers because food just isn’t made the same way it used to be. Food isn’t grown the same way and it’s certainly not made the same way.

Sadly, this has implications for my beloved box of Shreddies.

Once upon a time, I would have only known that BHT were 3 letters in the alphabet but now I know better. BHT aka Butylated Hydroxytoluene may/not be words that are familiar to you. I won’t go in to too much detail about BHT (I’ll provide a link to an article you can read) but it’s one of my pet peeves and it just so happens to be on the packaging for my beloved box of Shreddies.

Companies claim to use BHT to preserve the freshness of the product but the way I see it, I don’t need my cereal to live on the shelves for all of eternity. I recognize that companies need to make money because if they didn’t, they’d go belly-up. I totally get it but I don’t think companies NEED to use BHT because I know there are other alternatives.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve seen other companies make cereals and THEY don’t use BHT which makes me ask, “So, why use BHT if you don’t have to?” Way back on November 2, 2012, I reviewed the PC Organics Wheat Squares which would be the perfect example of how Shreddies could be made but aren’t. The PC Organics Wheat Squares are made with 4 ingredients and BHT is not used in the packaging process.

I rest my case.

To the folks at Post: as consumers gain more knowledge of what to buy/not buy, you will need to do some serious self-reflecting on your practice. I’ve always loved Shreddies but since becoming a parent and an informed consumer, I miss eating Shreddies.

Here are a few links that you may want to click on:

1. To read my earlier product review on the PC Organics Wheat Squares, click here

2. To visit the Shreddies website, click here

3. To read a bit more about BHT, I included a link to the website. I chose it because it gives a more comprehensive viewpoint of BHT. To read, click here

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