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Aug 15, 2014 pic - wafflesCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

and I stand by that statement.

Some days, you need a coffee. Some days you need a nap. Some days you need a good cry or a hug and some days, you just need a waffle.

Waffles are easy and they’re so inviting. Waffles accept whatever toppings you want on them and they never complain. pic - wafflesI’m not extravagant by any means. I’m quite happy to have my waffle with some fresh whipped cream and just a touch of chocolate goo on the side (none of that Cool Whip stuff. That stuff seriously creeps me out). The other day, my big kid decided to pair her waffle with some orange Jello which isn’t a staple in our home by any means. We were out for brunch and she was happy as a lark when she ate it. The hubby drenches his waffle with some whip cream and syrup.

Maybe waffles like pancakes represent more than just a tasty treat. When I think of waffles, I think of family. I think of relaxing moments that aren’t racing at 100 miles an hour. Waffles also make me think of fresh whipped cream and I LOVE WHIPPED CREAM (can you tell?). pic - wafflesI think that’s why I like to do food reviews so much on Food isn’t just food. It’s a conduit for memories and for moments shared with loved ones. Make a pact with yourself: no matter how busy you are, make time to celebrate what you have and do it in style with a big plate of whatever makes you happy!

Hm…I’m thinking watermelon. 🙂

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