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May 24, 2017 - pikelets


Because I said so.

Who exactly is Nagi?

Well, Nagi happens to be an amazing woman who is the ultimate brain behind I discovered her website a little while back when I was in desperate need of a new breakfast option. Sure, I made French Toast, pancakes, oatmeal, bread pudding, and a few other choice items but it’s always good to try something new. Given that I’m not the best cook on this planet I was looking for something familiar yet new.

Enter Nagi and the pikelet.

What exactly is a pikelet? - pikelets

Before Nagi, I would have said, “A what?” but now I can confidently tell you pikelets are these little delectable pancakes that are quite infamous in Australia. I read Nagi’s instructions, tried out the recipe and I was so impressed with the results. My big kid has adopted these pikelets as her ultimate favourite. - pikelets

More importantly, what makes Nagi so cool and the ultimate Queen of Cooking in MY humble books? She’s got personality, vibrance, and her instructions are so incredibly simple to follow. There’s logic to her instructions and she explains each step to you in a way that empowers you to try, to believe in yourself, and just try. That often stops me whenever I see a new recipe. Often times, they sound so complex or confusing that I don’t even bother attempting it. - pikelets

Nagi also gives additional notes for each of her umpteen recipes which have been such a blessing because I often want to try a recipe but always seem to be missing something. Depending on the recipe, Nagi will often give you alternatives for substitutions. I’ve tried a few of her other recipes and each one has turned out flawlessly. - pikelets

The pics for this post showcase how my pikelets turned out. Nagi provides a really neat tip to make this perfect finish. While they may not look like exact replicas of Nagi’s pikelets, they sure did make my big kid happy and my skills got better as I made more pikelets so that was really neat to experience. These pikelets are light and fluffy, with a slight hint of vanilla. They were so simple to whip up and seemed lighter because they’re not hindered by any butter in the batter recipe. - pikelets

Visit Nagi’s website at to browse around and see all the goodness she has to offer to the world. Here’s a link to her pikelet recipe:

Thank you Nagi, you’re the best!  Thank you for empowering home cooks like me to try new recipes and cook simply but deliciously for our families!

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