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Apr 26, 2014

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I was at a local specialty kitchen supply store, browsing around, taking a look at the different products. Of course, there’s the usual – pots and pans, cupcake holders and all that jazz. Then, I saw this container: Wilton Candy Dips.

I do a double take.

What is THAT?

Now, those of you who are experienced bakers might be quite familiar with this product but I’d certainly never seen it before.

Question is: would you use Wilton Candy Dips?

Product Review: What do you do with Wilton Candy Dips?

Okay, so let me get this straight. I’m supposed to buy Wilton Candy Dips, microwave it in this microwaveable container, and then dip my cake pops or fresh fruit into THAT stuff?

Ugh…I’ve got shivers just thinking about it.

I’m no baker but whatever happened to melting chocolate over a double boiler? This whole ‘stick it in the microwave’ idea is just gross.

Product Review: What ingredients are in Wilton Candy Dips?

Let’s take a good look at the ingredients that go into Wilton Candy Dips: sugar, partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, reduced mineral whey powder, whole milk solids, nonfat dry milk solids, soy lecithin, salt, artificial flavor.

To see the full ingredient list, you’ll have to look at both images. The ingredients circled the container so I needed two images to capture all the info.

My thoughts?

I have none. I’m still grossed out and completely stuck on the whole microwave aspect of this product and can’t get passed it. One thing is certain though: there’s no secret that Wilton Candy Dips are designed to be the quick fast way to make desserts. I mean, it’s labeled “WHITE” and says “artificial vanilla flavor” and there is definitely no vanilla on that ingredient list.

The ingredients speak for themselves.



I have no idea what these Wilton Candy Dips look like but I’m sure they’re likely to taste yummy and I’m sure I’ve eaten stuff like that while I’m out and about. Eating an occasional sweet that’s got the fake stuff on it is one thing. Buying a whole tub of it, making my own baked goods, and then drowning it in this stuff is just not something I can do right now.

Truth be told, even the vanilla and chocolate baking wafers that are at the bulk store creep me out too so the Wilton Candy Dips aren’t the only ones that make me want to run for cover. Their biggest offense is selling it in a plastic container and then telling me I should microwave it for convenience.

Now, this is just my point of view. Visit the Wilton website and plenty of people rave about this product and that’s fine. Wilton Candy Dips though just aren’t for me.

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