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Aug 4, 2014 - penotti cookie spreadCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Sometimes, I like to browse the aisles of my local grocery store. Who am I kidding? I love to browse the aisles. I don’t buy everything in the store but that certainly doesn’t stop me from picking up products, analyzing their contents, and doing some mental price comparisons.

On one particular occasion, I came across this jar of Penotti Speculoos Cookinotti cookie butter. I’d never seen it before. I was intrigued so I picked it up and read the label and then I promptly put it down.


Product Review: What ingredients are in the Penotti cookie spread? - penotti cookie spreadLet’s see what ingredients are in the Penotti Speculoos Cookinotti  cookie spread. There’s Speculoos cookie (wheat flour, sugar, margarine, sodium bicarbonate, salt, spice), canola oil, sugar, palm oil, milk fat, canola lecithin, spice, sea salt.


Well, by now you must know that I’m not a big fan of canola oil (it completely creeps me out despite its reported ‘health benefits’ and I already have to put up with it in my almond milk when I can’t get the brands I want). I definitely don’t like margarine and I certainly am not in the market to consume a ton of palm oil. Add the canola lecithin and that just tipped me right over. I couldn’t even purchase it for a taste test.

Final Thoughts: - penotti cookie spreadI don’t mean to speak poorly of the Penotti Speculoos Cookinotti cookie spread.  It’s probably delicious or it wouldn’t still be on the market. I mean, it does sound inviting. Visit the company’s website and you’ll learn that Penotti Speculoos Cookinotti cookie spread is  “100% natural ingredients: no colors, no preservatives, no artificial flavors”. (source: the penotti website)

Now before anyone gets mad at me and calls me a hypocrite, I totally admit that our family doesn’t always eat healthy. There are times when we do eat junk. I mean, who doesn’t eat junk on the occasion?

Having said that, our family is still mindful of the junk that we do eat and we try to balance it all out with healthier choices along the way. Maybe next time.

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For more details, visit their website by clicking here.

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