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Aug 19, 2014 - scotts lemon curd cremeCopyright© 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Question for you: if you saw this jar of Scotts Lemon Curd Crème, would you buy it? I was intrigued. I’d never seen Scotts Lemon Curd Crème before so I picked it up…

and then promptly put it back down.

Want to know why?

Product Review: What ingredients are in Scotts Lemon Curd Crème? - scotts lemon curd cremeTake a good look at the ingredients that go into Scotts Lemon Curd Crème: sugar, water, pectin, starch, hydrogenated vegetable oil, egg, citric acid, carotene, lemon juice. Oh, but wait, the label then tells me that it’s entirely free from artificial colours and preservatives.

Let me guess this straight: it’s a lemon curd crème but lemon juice is the very last ingredient on the list. That can’t be right. I can deal with the sugar and the pectin but wait, now there’s hydrogenated vegetable oil in it too?

Are you serious?!?

What exactly am I getting myself into here?

So, if I buy Scotts Lemon Curd Crème, I end up eating, not just lemon curd crème but hydrogenated vegetable oil, barely any lemon juice, and a whole lot of sugar?

Ugh…I think I’ll pass.

Verdict: - scotts lemon curd cremeLet’s be clear, it’s not that I have anything against Scotts Lemon Curd Crème. In fact, I would love for them to consider modifying their recipe because our family loves all things lemon and would really like to try it. I’m just not sure hydrogenated vegetable oil is necessary. Couldn’t something else be used? Does it have to be hydrogenated? Sure, Scotts Lemon Curd Crème is free from artificial colours and preservatives but that’s a moot point when I can’t even get past the fact that HVO is used.


*side note: apologies for the terrible images.*

p.s. apologies that I don’t have a website for Scotts Lemon Curd Crème. I tried looking for one but couldn’t locate!

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