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Aug 26, 2013
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Reading labels, it’s important. Once upon a time, I didn’t read labels and then my brain kicked in and I discovered how much I could learn from a simple label. Once upon a time, I would have looked at this E.D. Smith lemon spread and thought it would make a great pie filling or maybe it would be perfect for a pastry pocket of some sort (if I baked). Things look a whole lot different when you actually pay attention to labels.

Product Review: What ingredients are in the E.D. Smith lemon spread?

Any guesses what ingredients went into the E.D. Smith lemon spread? Maybe you guessed lemon but take a look and you’ll see that the word ‘lemon’ doesn’t show up until about half way down the list! Here are the ingredients that go into making the E.D. Smith lemon spread: water, corn syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, vegetable oil shortening (contains palm and soy oil), concentrated lemon juice, salt, citric acid, natural flavour, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, calcium disodium EDTA, colour (contains tartrazine).

My thoughts on this list of ingredients?

Well, water as a first ingredient isn’t bad but what’s up with the corn syrup, vegetable oil shortening and all that other stuff at the end? Do any of us really know what calcium disodium EDTA is?? Does it grow on a tree? Last time I checked I didn’t go to my local grocer and ask if the latest stock of disodium EDTA came in from the farm. Ugh.

I find this list creepy because I’m no chef and I’m in no way an esteemed cook but I can make a basic and tasty lemon sauce without all that gunk. I made one lemon sauce that used only condensed milk and lemon juice and it was delicious.

Final Thoughts

Let me be crystal clear that I have nothing against the E.D. Smith lemon spread. It’s not like my family doesn’t consume its fair share of junk when we buy treats while we’re out on excursions.  Perhaps what I’m most puzzled by is the choice of ingredients used in the E.D. Smith lemon spread. I’m sure it could be simpler and still be super tasty if not tastier than it is.

In all fairness, I haven’t tasted the E.D. Smith lemon spread so I don’t know how good it tastes. I wish I could taste it and maybe I did in some of those store bought pastries but for the time being, I’ll just ponder.

The bottom line of today’s post: buy what you want to buy but do try to read those ingredient labels. Being an informed consumer means you can make educated choices for your family and spend your money the best way you can.

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In case you want to read more about the E.D. Smith lemon spread, visit their website by clicking here.

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