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May 24, 2012

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A while ago, did a product review on the Yonanas machine with frozen raspberries and frozen bananas. Back then, we loved the Yonanas machine for the delicious frozen treat but we had only managed to test it out with raspberries and bananas and the occasional banana and strawberry combo. It has taken this long for us to finally to a re-visit of the Yonanas machine to find out how the frozen treats would taste if there were no bananas. Why did it take us this long? Well, there were a number of factors but having a variety of product ideas for testing means we have to balance out what we test and what we re-test.

For this product test, we used only PC Organics frozen strawberries. In fact, it was my child who reminded me that I had yet to test out the Yonanas machine with only strawberries. The question on our product testing minds: will the frozen treat still feel smooth and silky like soft serve ice cream without the frozen bananas? Let’s find out!

Product Review: Let’s make some Yonanas with only strawberries!

We’ve had the Yonanas machine for quite a few months now and so far so good. The machine is still in great shape and we’ve used it at least a few times each month. We continue to feel that the Yonanas machine is easy to use, easy to clean, and is a fun way to eat fruit. Up until now, we honestly have only tried using it with different fruits combined with bananas. For this product test, only PC Organics frozen strawberries were used. Why organic strawberries? Well, whenever I can, I prefer to opt for organic strawberries because I know berries in general are heavily sprayed with pesticides. Thus, in our home, going organic for berries seems like a wise decision.

Here are some photos of the finished Yonanas treat using only frozen strawberries. As you can see, our frozen strawberry Yonanas is a vibrant red which is to be expected since the colour isn’t blended with any bananas. The photo on the left shows what the frozen strawbery Yonanas looks like. The photo on the right shows the strawberry banana Yonanas only partially mixed up because my kid likes to see the marbling of the two different fruits.

My child thought the rich red colour of the strawberries only Yonanas was super cool. It also looks quite smooth which again, is to be expected given all the little blades that are safely tucked inside the Yonanas machinery. You can also see from the photos that the frozen strawberry Yonanas also has a pretty thick and rich consistency which makes it even more decadent. In fact, in comparing it to the strawberry banana version, the strawberry Yonanas looks like strawberry ice with its sparkling sheen while the strawberry banana Yonanas has the expected creamy look from the bananas.

As for taste, the frozen strawberry Yonanas were divine. I know what you’re thinking, “they’re strawberries, how else would they taste?” but texture is often key when it comes to food. The Yonanas machine did these organic strawberries justice. The texture was smooth and tasted like a crisp strawberry sorbet but without any other extra added ingredients. There was certainly no need for any extra sugar, that’s for sure! Did we miss the bananas in this strawberry only version? Not at all.


Are you wondering why we decided to make a no-bananas version with our Yonanas? Well, there are a few reasons. For one, no-banana recipes are available for the Yonanas machine but we’d never tried it until now and as a product review site, we try to be as thorough as time will allow. The other main reason for trying the no-banana Yonanas recipe is because not all children like bananas and sometimes, you may not even have bananas on hand so it’s important to test out and see if other options will taste equally good. After all, nothing is worse than having a child standing there looking at you completely defeated and dejected looking because the frozen treat didn’t turn out the way they wanted.

Happily, frozen strawberry only Yonanas tasted just as yummy as the recipes we’ve used with bananas. So, if you’re still sitting on the fence about getting a Yonanas machine, consider reading our past review of Yonanas and think about all the possible frozen goodies you can make this summer that are super healthy too!

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