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Jul 18, 2016 pic - product recall 2015 pic

This is the first time in a very long time that I’ve done a post on recalls and the word Listeria doesn’t show up in every other recall.

Wow. Finally.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean I don’t have another batch of recent recalls to share. Remember, I only post a snapshot of what’s going on out there so if you want the latest recalls and updates make sure you sign up to get them directly in your inbox. See links at the bottom of this post!

Reading Material: FDA Takes Action against Zika Virus

In Canada – Updated Food Recall Warning – H. Van Wijnen brand Smoked Atlantic Salmon Filet Royal
Reason for recall: product may have Clostridium botulinum if sold refrigerated. Click here for more details

In Canada – Clorox recalls Liquid Plumr Slow Flow Fighter and Liquid Plumr Pro Strength Urgent Clear drain clog removers
Reason for recall: does not meet child-resistant packaging requirements Click here for more details

In Canada and the U.S. – Expanded Recall: Flushmate recalls Flushmate III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System
Reason for recall: the recalled products may burst and release stored pressure which can cause serious damage, including impact and laceration hazards and property damage. Click here for more details

In Canada – Food Recall Warning – Golden Dipt brand Jalape├▒o Breader
Reason for recall: E-coli Click here for more details

In Canada and the U.S. – Two Flavors of Betty Crocker Cake Mix Recalled
Reason for recall: possible E-coli Click here for more details.

p.s. here is a recall in Canada also for Betty Crocker: Betty Crocker Super Moist brand Cake Mix Rainbow Bit

In Canada – Ocean’s brand Flaked White Tuna and Solid White Tuna
Reason for recall: leaking cans Click here for more details.

In the U.S. – Continental Mills Recalls Blueberry Pancake Mix
Reason for recall: bacteria in the recalled products Click here for more details.

In Canada and the U.S. – HP Inc. Canada recalls HP Lithium Ion Batteries in HP and Compaq Notebook Computers
Reason for recall: E-coli Click here for more details.

In Canada – Fempro Consumer Products ULC recalls Incognito Intimate Wipes
Reason for recall: product contains a particular preservative exceeding allowable limits which may pose a significant risk of allergic reactions/skin irritations Click here for more details.

In Canada – Home Depot of Canada Inc. Recalls Hampton Bay Traditional Swing with Canopy

Reason for recall: possible injury when canopy is moved side to side instead of its intended front/back path Click here for more details.


Remember, I can only give you a snapshot of all the recalls that come out. Be vigilant and make sure you go directly to the source!

Health Canada – how to report a consumer product. If you experience an incident with a consumer product, you need to know how to report it. Click here to read more.

In the United States, if you have a complaint about a particular medicine, medical device, or food product, contact the FDA. Click here to read more.

Problems with E-Cigarettes, Vape Products, Hookah, Cigarettes or Tobacco? Tell FDA

Stay tuned to We’ll continue to keep you all posted of product recalls and safety tips!

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