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Oct 30, 2017 pic - fall cabbage

In a blink of an eye, the school year is in full swing and Halloween is right around the corner. While the summer flowers are still trying to hold on, fall colours and foliage are making their way into our daily strolls.

Halloween, for us, is a time to celebrate creativity instead of its more dark and dreary elements. In my ideal world, Halloween would resemble the Chocolate Room in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (the original with Gene Wilder, thank you).

Can you even begin to imagine how cool that would be?!?! pic - halloween 2014Most years, I spend September and October with my nose feverishly stuck to fabric to craft my big kid’s Halloween costume.This year, however, is a little different. This year, our family won’t be going out for Halloween. It’s done and that ship has sailed. I am rejuvenating one of my kid’s earlier costumes for a Halloween parade but that’s about it. I do have to say though, the rejuvenated costume looks soooo good. Since I didn’t have to start from scratch, I was able to clean up my earlier finishing stitches were so awful because my fingers usually ached by the end of the project. So, it’s all good.

Do I miss those earlier days?

Yes and no.

I enjoy the idea of making the costume, of hanging with my big kid to discuss the plans, the laughs and jokes, and the actual ‘trick or treating’ is fun too. Those memories will remain and now we’ll be building different memories on Halloween that will still include laughter and fun. There will still be candy but it’ll be much quainter and cozier and that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. pic - halloween pumpkin

For those of you who are planning to go out, here are some Halloween safety tips from the Government of Canada and the FDA:

Halloween safety, Government of Canada:

Halloween Safety, FDA: Costumes, Candy, and Colored Contact Lenses

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Oct 23, 2017 - making own chapstick

From time to time, my big kid and I try different projects together. They don’t always work out but it sure is fun to try new things that are within our comfort zone (you’ll never see us bungee jumping). I was crawling through some of the photos I took for and realized that I never did get around to posting about our attempt to make our own lip balm.

One wintry day, we decided to make our own lip balm. After doing a bit of research, we had settled on a recipe and purchased the needed materials. We even managed to purchase some empty lip balm containers. That was super cool. – Continue Reading

Oct 14, 2017
Posted in: Recipes - cheddar cheese scones

Occasionally, my baking results surprise me. It’s no secret that I like to tweak recipes, I can’t help it. I’m always trying to either cram more things in or take things out. Often, I find baked goods too sweet so I always fiddle with the sugar content. I also try to add ground flax, ground almonds or something else that’s a little heartier in to the recipes to see if I can buff them up a bit more. Sometimes, I make things happen and don’t even realize I’m doing it (like the time I misread a recipe and added 1 cup of milk instead of the ½ cup recommended and yet the cake was delicious!). They don’t always turn out but at least I can say I tried.

Lo and behold, a success story: I made cheddar scones!

Pardon me? Yes, you heard correctly. I made cheddar scones from a basic scone recipe that I was familiar with. The family loved them and they suited our taste buds – cheesy but not insanely so with subtle flavours that made us happy as can be. I mean, really, that’s the best part about baking – making flavours that work for you! – Continue Reading

Oct 7, 2017 - pc pesto

I’m a big fan of pesto. Fragrant, flavourful, and so versatile, pesto is a culinary lifesaver.  Years ago, I used to make my own pesto but nowadays I just don’t have fresh basil lying around and truthfully, I’m the only one in the family that appreciates it. It’s a great lunch saver especially if I have some leftover pasta lying around. Add a spoon of pesto, a bit of parmesan, throw in a few veggies, and I’m good to go. It’s so much better than picking up takeout!

I’ve tried to find a store bought pesto sauce that works for me but it hasn’t been easy. I’m not a big fan of the pre-made pesto sauces with almonds or pine nuts because I can’t be sure it’ll stay fresh long enough for me to use it all before it all goes funky in my fridge. After all, I’m the only one that’ll use it and while I love pesto, I’m not eating every day.

It’s taken me a while but I finally found this PC Pesto sauce made without pine nuts or almonds. – Continue Reading

Oct 2, 2017 - betty crockers lemon flavoured dessert bar mix

There I am standing at the grocery store pondering all the boxed stuff on the shelves and this box catches my eye: Betty Crocker’s Lemon Flavoured Dessert Bar Mix.

You see, I make lemon bars and while I’m no expert baker by any means, I’d have to say my lemon bars are pretty tasty. So, if I can make lemon bars that means they’re relatively easy to make.

Thus, my brain has to ask: what’s inside this box of Betty Crocker’s Lemon Flavoured Dessert Bar Mix? If I was in a rush, would I use this box? – Continue Reading

Sep 25, 2017
Posted in: Recipes - oatmeal butter cookies

I know, I know, it’s been a long time but I’ve finally managed to get around to do some more baking and to actually share a recipe. These butter oatmeal cookies are super easy to make and only require a few simple ingredients. I mean, seriously, if I can make them, so can you! If you like crisp cookies that aren’t too sweet, these butter oatmeal cookies will be right up your alley!
– Continue Reading

Sep 18, 2017 - belvita breakfast oatmeal crunch biscuits

Allow me to introduce you to this very crumpled up pack of Belvita Breakfast Oatmeal Crunch biscuits. I got it a while back as a sample treat to test out. I can’t remember where I was or how I got it but I came across these photos and realized I’d never done a post about them. I had a thought and wanted to share so here I am talking about these biscuits.

For the record, these Belvita Breakfast Oatmeal Crunch biscuits are crunchy, sweet, with a noticeable oatmeal taste. Would I eat them for breakfast though, that I’m not so sure of. - belvita breakfast oatmeal crunch biscuits

I mean, treat, maybe but breakfast?

– Continue Reading

Sep 11, 2017 pic - face in tea

Well, here’s a reoccurring theme on our site. Here at, you know we love to focus on creativity whenever opportunity strikes and today’s post is one of those posts. As you stare at the photo, can you guess why it’s been posted?

When you slow down just long enough and give yourself the freedom to think outside the box, you suddenly make interesting and unique observations that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Case in point: this otherwise very boring cup of tea. – Continue Reading

Sep 5, 2017 pic - teddy bear vine

Have you ever heard of a Teddy Bear Vine? I never knew such a thing existed until my daughter came home with one from a school event. The leaves were adorably fuzzy and delicate with its violet green leaves. It almost seemed too dainty for me to keep it alive without doing some serious damage to its well-being.

The big kid assured me that the Teddy Bear Vine would be easy to take care of. It would only require occasional water and of course, some decent sunlight. Fascinatingly enough, she also told me I could make a brand new Teddy Bear Vine by simply taking off one of the vines and sticking it in some soil. Give it some water and sun and apparently, it would just keep going.

Could it really be that simple? – Continue Reading

Aug 29, 2017

Do you try to eat healthy? Do you try to be mindful of what you eat? You’ve probably been keeping track of your sodium intake and your fat intake but have you ever considered how much sugar you consume on an average day?

I can’t say I pride myself on being the most health conscious person on the planet but my family does try to eat foods in moderation. We eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables mixed in with a bunch of different grains, meats, and dairy. Of course, you’ll know by these posts that we have occasional treats too.

Recently, I watched a really fascinating program about sugar called “The Secrets of Sugar” from The Fifth Estate, a Canadian investigative program. There’s research, there’s information, and a lot of hidden surprises that really made me question what certain companies are thinking about when they put their products on the market. – Continue Reading

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