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Sep 25, 2015 pic - violet sept 2015

I may not have a green thumb but there is something to be said for dedication and a kind heart. A long while back, I adopted a number of African violets that seemed to be in serious need of TLC. I honestly didn’t know how long I’d be able to keep them alive for given my lack of greenthumbness (I’m quite aware it’s not a word but it fits).

Lo and behold, years later, all of those African violets are still alive despite a few hiccps along the way. One colleague walked in to my office and found one of the African violets on the floor. It had grown very lopsided (no matter which way I rotated it, it always seemed to grow in the wrong direction) and gravity had taken its toll. The plant was completely detached from its roots.

I had no idea what to do but decided to shove it right back into its pot and gave it a healthy helping of water. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was hoping it would grow new roots somehow. As time passed, the plant didn’t wilt and in fact seemed happier than ever. To this day, that same plant is alive and well.

All the original flowers died off, but every now and again one of the plants would bloom. It’s been a long time but just recently, this was my gift from those African violets: flowers!! pic - violet sept 2015

How totally cool is that?

I know, to many, this may seem trivial but for me, this is such a miraculous experience because quite honestly, I don’t do anything for these plants except offer them water and a healthy dose of carbon dioxide. I don’t fertilize them and many are still in their original pots.

When I look at these African violets one word comes to mind: resilience. pic - violet sept 2015

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