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Sep 5, 2017 pic - teddy bear vine

Have you ever heard of a Teddy Bear Vine? I never knew such a thing existed until my daughter came home with one from a school event. The leaves were adorably fuzzy and delicate with its violet green leaves. It almost seemed too dainty for me to keep it alive without doing some serious damage to its well-being.

The big kid assured me that the Teddy Bear Vine would be easy to take care of. It would only require occasional water and of course, some decent sunlight. Fascinatingly enough, she also told me I could make a brand new Teddy Bear Vine by simply taking off one of the vines and sticking it in some soil. Give it some water and sun and apparently, it would just keep going.

Could it really be that simple?

Well, that was months ago and I’m happy to report that the Teddy Bear Vine is still alive and kicking. The picture you see at the top of this post shows what our plant looks like right now. Pretty impressive, right? The Teddy Bear Vine survived with occasional watering and sunlight. I watched it grow slowly but steadily as the vines grew longer and longer. Instead of having the vines droop downwards, we’ve taken to keeping them upright and spiraled. We even got this: pic - teddy bear vine

Cool, right? NO, in fact, it was mind blowing. We never knew the Teddy Bear Vine could even sprout flowers so that was quite the rewarding surprise. They tend to open up during the day and by evening, the little flowers close back up. So, if you’re not paying attention you’ll miss the flowers altogether. pic - teddy bear vine

Mother Nature is an incredible power house. This Teddy Bear Vine is just one of her many miracles. So while we haven’t really been doing much gardening outdoors this year, it sure does feel good to see some of her magic indoors.

Things to do: take a plant home and take care of it. Watch it grow and bask in its glory.

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