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Aug 22, 2015 pic - tomatoes 2015

Every year I post about our family’s garden. It’s not much but we usually get plenty of tomatoes and depending on the year, we might get other veggies too.

Well, this year, I’ve been quite silent about the whole gardening thing. It’s not because we didn’t have a garden. It’s because I’ve been too busy to actually go out into the garden with a camera! I either come home too late, too tired, or it’s too hot outside for me to venture out with a camera. That and of course, I have my lazy moments.

Translation: no gardening pics until now.

Okay, re-phrase: it’s not much of a garden pic but at least you see a glimpse of the tomatoes. They’re all growing quite nicely in the hot summer weather and we’ve had quite a few helpings! Here’s just a small sample of what I gathered today. pic - tomatoes 2015

Why mention the tomatoes now? Well, because some of you asked and because it’s validating to know that despite my lack of a green thumb, tomatoes continue to grace my garden.

That just goes to show you how forgiving tomatoes really are.

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