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Oct 16, 2015 pic - jade plant

Once upon a time, a teeny weeny jade plant grew from a petal I shoved into soil after I had accidentally knocked it off the original big plant. I had hoped something magical would happen and was astounded to find that little tiny plant.

Months and months later, that jade plant continues to grow and it is definitely not teeny weeny anymore. I am completely in awe which is why I continue to post about it every now and then. pic - jade plant April 2015

When I look at that jade plant I’m reminded of those small wonders that happen every day in our lives that we often miss because we’re so busy running around doing ‘big things’. Whatever those big things are, they always seem to consume so much of our time. Inevitably, we lose sight of little moments that could brighten our day. pic - jade plant 2015

I also think of how differently things would have turned out if I had just tossed out that one loose petal. No new jade plant, no miracle moment.

Boy, sure does make you think doesn’t it? I mean, this is what it looks like now. pic - jade plant oct 2015

Things to do: reflect on life and those little actions.

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