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Oct 21, 2014

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It’s now October 2014 and guess what? The lemongrass is still alive. In fact, the lemongrass is a monstrosity in my garden at this point and I’m not quite sure what to do with it. The lemongrass has grown so tall that I wasn’t even really sure how to take a photo of it for this post so this is what I’m left with.

What I can tell you is that the lemongrass didn’t grow the way I thought it would. Actually, I have no idea what I thought would happen but I envisioned that I’d have lemongrass that resembled the stuff I buy at my local grocery store, you know, those pale bulbous stalks. Well, my lemongrass is certainly tall and towers over me and it’s got leaves that have dangerous edges that warn you well in advance not to run your fingers along them or you’re sure to get a nice serrated ghastly cut. The stalks have grown more robust but they’re about the width of one chopstick at most and they have a brownish tint to them.

Confused, I asked a pal of mine who eats a lot of lemongrass. According to her, she told me not to consume the leaves (that’s a no brainer) or I’m sure to cut my tongue right off (again, another no brainer). She said the stalks are still young and have a long way to go. My next comment, “but it’s going to be winter soon”.

Her response, “they’ll be fine.”

Uh…not sure if I should believe her. She said I could eat the stalks now but they won’t have much flavour since they are so young. She said I could chop off the stalk and leave the roots and they’ll grow again next year.

Uh…still not sure if I should believe her but at this point, I’m still too chicken to eat the lemongrass and I’m too busy to deal with all those sharp nasty looking leaves anyway so for the time being, they’re still in my garden. Everything else has pretty much gone kaputs but the lemongrass is still quite happy to be out there in the cool autumn weather.

What I can tell you is that the lemongrass I grew indoors is ready for the garbage. They did grow a bit taller but look like nothing more than tall wisps of grass that I neglected to cut over the summer which is probably a good thing now that I’ve seen how unfriendly the leaves can be. pic - lemongrassLong story short: lemongrass lived despite this being the first time I’ve ever grown it so that in itself is a miracle since I’ve officially killed rosemary twice.  I mean, take a look at what I started out with! That’s impressive, you have to admit.

Who knows what I’m going to do with this lemongrass but it’s definitely still alive!


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