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No, this is NOT how my rosemary plant looks now.

I have a confession. I should have posted this a while ago but I didn’t. Remember that one lonely rosemary plant that I picked up this year as part of our yearly gardening project? Yeah…well, it’s gone, done, kaput, blop, blip, bloop. Whatever you want to call it, the rosemary plant has decomposed and is nothing more than fertilizer for my garde at this point.

I think I’ve come to a conclusion that rosemary and I are destined never to be together.

I should have taken a picture of the tragedy but I didn’t. Rest assured I’m not lying when I say the rosemary plant is a goner. This is not the first rosemary to flop in our home. You see, our family does like rosemary and we’ll often use it in different dishes that we make to give it that extra kick. Buying and nurturing a rosemary plant seemed like a natural and relatively easy thing to do.


I must be doing something wrong with the rosemary plants. After 2 failed attempts in 2 different years, I think I’ll try again next year but I’ll do things a little differently. I mean, there’s no point pining over this abysmal failure. I think it’s best to analyze the situation and move on to avoid making the same mistakes, right?

Next year, I think I’ll plant my rosemary outdoors. Both failed plants were in pots that I kept indoors by the window. My dear neighbor has a rosemary plant that is absolutely thriving and is still happily outdoors bigger than ever. Maybe the poor rosemary plant just needed a little extra outdoor love that I wasn’t garden-smart enough to provide? I certainly think I watered it plenty so the only thing I can think to change is its location.

Oh well, better luck next year.


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