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Sep 18, 2015 pic - aloe sept 2015

It’s September and guess what, the baby aloe plants are still growing!


I’m shocked beyond belief. My ‘not so green thumb’ continues to prevail. The little baby aloe plants that sprouted back in June are still alive and kicking which means whatever I’m doing must be working. The original babies are growing taller and a few other little baby aloe plants have actually sprouted.

I’ve developed quite the reputation and it’s one I’m quite happy to keep. Occasionally at the office, I come across plants that seemed in desperate need of some TLC. Some looked parched, dry, and wilted, while others looked yellow and on the verge of keeling over. Instead of waiting for them to hit the garbage bin, I adopt them in to my office and offer them some water and whatever office space I can give up (which isn’t much but I try).

Sometimes, it works and the plants come back alive and kicking. Others eventually end up in the garbage bin perhaps a few days later than originally fated. To see these baby aloe plants growing gives me a deep sense of fulfillment. pic - aloe sept 2015

Watering the plants doesn’t take up much time or effort. It only takes about 5 minutes and I usually just give them whatever water is left in my own mug. The benefits for me, however, for outweigh my little watering regime: fresher, cleaner, office air and a greener space that helps me to focus on my tasks at hand.

Things to do: get yourself a plant if you don’t already own one. Then, get another one.

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